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Spanish biotechnology company, developing new skin care formulations based on CBD, is looking for European distributors


The Spanish biotechnology company has developed a series of biotechnological platforms designed to screen and combine natural ingredients, in order to generate novel dermo-cosmetics and skin care products with synergistic activities based on CBD (cannabidiol) compounds . They are looking within the skin care products industry for commercial agents and distributors, to work under commercial agency or distribution agreements, and small to medium manufacturers to work under services agreements.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Distributors of skin care related products, beauty aid products. Skin care, or skin products related companies looking with good distribution networks or new product development partners looking to renovate their product portfolio.

Partner sought

The company is looking for: - European skin care products distributors: Well established distributors or commercial agents willing to work under disrtibution services agreements or commercial agency agreements. Exclusivity will be negotiated depending on countries covered. - European manufacturing companies of the skin care product subsector: Manufacturers with propietary or good distribution networks, to work under sole distribution services agreement in case of wishing to increase their product portfolio offering; or working under a services partnership agreement in the case they were considering desiging new ingredients combinations or compounds to be included in their propietary brands. - European skin care related companies looking to grow their product family, with new products to complete or to renovate its product portfolio. Able to work under services partnership agreement for the their design.


The Spanish biotechnology company is an international firm focused on the development of novel dermo-cosmetics based on natural products, specialized in CBD compounds (cannabidiol) with added value. In the global cosmetic market there are more than 10.000 active ingredients available for commercialization, from which more than 90% are the result of combining existing ingredients. In almost all of the existing cosmetics, ingredient combinations are made empirically and based on public and known data. As the products in this market are valuable for 4 to 5 years, a constant renewal of formulated products is needed before their commercialisation is done. That is the reason why R&D is essential to produce new and more effective dermo-cosmetics that must be formulated faster and cheaper. In this sense, the company will give formulations based on a strong R&D basis for its clients. They have developed two pioneering technological platforms, one in vitro and another one in silico. The coordinated uses of their platforms pave the way to select the best combinations of natural ingredients to develop high quality cosmetic products with superior activities. The ingredients combinatorial system is based on a platform to identify novel combinations of individual ingredients, saving cost and time. Its competitive advantage lies in the optimization of costs and production time, as well as the achievement of high quality and performance products showing attractive organoleptic properties. The system implements an algorithm capable of calculating optimized ingredient blends for different applications, which include both the application originally requested by the customer as a series of sub-applications, which may emerge from the described combinations and are detected by the system. Their in vitro multi-parametric platform includes 30 key dermo-cosmetic targets. Novel targets are always on the process of validation to be included in this platform. Therefore, a comprehensive screening system has been developed to identify novel biological activities for cosmetic and skin care products development. The biological data obtained in this last platform is analyzed in the combinatorial system platform to identify synergistic activities between individual ingredients and to develop novel dermocosmetic products with superior activity for specific applications. The coordinated use of such platforms (in vitro-in silico-in vitro) and their expertise and know-how on CBD (cannabidiol) and its properties place the company in the best position to develop new synergistic (scientifically proven) combinations and products for skin care based on CBD in a short period of time. Regarding their internationalisation strategy and growth plan, the company has taken their first steps with a bidirectional approach. On one side, considering their compounds, they are looking for companies related with the skin care industry able to distribute their products in one or various european countries. They look preferably for agents and distributors with knowledge of regional distribution networks , willing to work under distribution services or commercial agency agreements. On the other side, considering their already validated solutions for natural ingredients design through their biotechnology platforms , they are looking for skin care products manufacturers willing to innovate their product portfolio with new proprietary brands. In this case they look for partnerships under services agreement.

Advantages and innovations

The company offers these disruptive technological platforms for applications in the dermo-cosmetic sector. They contribute in time and costs saving, thanks to their in silico and in vitro integrated design. The coordinated use, and iterations of the platforms, makes the selection process and the search of the best combinations of natural ingredients, more efficient (time, cost) in comparison to standard process and shows also more efficacy (specific biological activities of natural ingredients considered) when developing high quality cosmetic products with superior activities. As the activity of any extract depends on many variables, like the plant origin, cultivation conditions and also the method to obtain the extract (ethanol, acetone, supercritical co2, water, etc.), then it is easy to infer that there are many variables among the extracts given by different providers. In this sense, another advantage of the platform is to be considered when finding differences among the same extract but provided by different suppliers. This way the platform is not only used to obtain new cosmetic products scientifically defined (in vitro and in silico), but to establish better quality standard process for ingredients selection and so, reducing costs and time to clients in their proprietary processes. The innovation on the platform design and operations is to be considered as a pioneering solution for the sector, allowing cosmetic commercial organizations to get new products in pace with the market needs and with the highest quality and proven clinical effectiveness.

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