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Spanish institute for specialized training in oral implantology and prosthodontics is looking for commercial agents to provide students from European Union countries for their courses in Spain.


This educational institute organizes specialized post-graduate training courses in oral implantology and prosthodontics addressed to dentists, oral surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons. They offer different programmes and courses, some of them are approved by an official Higher Education University in United States of America. They seek agents to organize groups of students from Europe to attend their courses in their training center in Spain, through commercial agency agreements.

Partner sought

The type of partner they are looking for in European countries is a type of commercial agent related to the world of oral implantology and/or prosthodontics which have access to the type of students they address their courses to: dentists, either newly graduated or experienced dentists; oral surgeons; maxillofacial surgeons and any other related specialist. This partner can be an implants company or a pharmaceutical company, which may be interested in provide training to groups of future clients. Another option of partner could be a dentist association wishing to offer valuable specialty training to their associates. Finally, a third option could be a University or Higher Education centre where they offer a degree in dentistry, in order to offer specialized education to newly-graduated dentists.


This Spanish Education Centre specialized in oral implantology and prosthodontics has wide experience in the organization of courses, workshops and trainings. It was founded and it is run by a world-renowned oral implantologist and prosthodontist, who is regularly researching in this field to offer the latest technology and innovations. This doctor delivers lectures worldwide, attends seminars and conferences and has become an important key opinion leader in the field of implantology and prothodontics around the world. They offer a wide variety of high-level courses, workshops and programs in the field of oral implantology, prosthodontics, oral surgery and periodontics, addressed mainly to general dentists wishing to specialize in this subjects, oral surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, and related specialists and students. The advanced implants prosthodontics course offers a choice of 1 to 4 days of advanced lectures and a hands-on workshop. It takes place at the institute’s facilities, on the East coast of Spain. The implant prosthodontics programme offers 4 sessions within a year period of advanced lectures and hands-on workshops. It takes place both at the institute’s facilities in Spain and at a renowned university in United States of America. The students receive a Certificate from the Department of Prosthodontics from this university acknowledging the successful completion of the program. The prosthodontics and oral surgery advanced course on cadavers takes 2 days and offers a hands-on workshop on dead bodies. It takes place at a partner university in Castellon area (Spain). They also organize a biennial symposium where the most important key opinion leaders worldwide participate to disseminate major advances and innovations in the field of oral implantology, prosthodontics. The courses and the symposium are addressed to an international audience, therefore they are delivered in English. All the courses and workshops include different accommodation options, meals and snacks, as well as a social program for the evenings and weekends with key tourist attractions in this beautiful Mediterranean area. They are looking for commercial agents/partners in European countries which can provide groups of students to take part in the courses. These type of partners could be a pharmaceutical / implants company wishing to provide training to their future clients; also a key opinion leader in the field of implantology able to prescribe these courses to groups of specialists to take part; another partner could be an national or regional association of dentists which could be interested in proposing continuing education to their associates and, finally, another key partner could be a higher education centre / university to collaborate with in order to offer specialty courses to their newly-graduated dentists.

Advantages and innovations

The key advantages of this training is the expertise and experience of the founder and owner of the centre. This doctor is constantly investigating on new applications, techniques and innovations on oral implatology and prosthodontics and offers the most up-to-date courses with very good value. It is accompanied by a team of expert professionals to help him with the courses. Another advantage is that the courses include hands-on workshops where they see real case studies from the current doctor’s patients. The doctor produces all the course materials and he himself designs the realistic bone and maxillae models used in the courses for the students to practice the different techniques. The courses are approved by an important university in United States of America and they provide an official certification and diploma.

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