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Spanish manufacturer of wide range of chemical products for the industry is looking for international distributors.


A Spanish SME from the chemical sector, specialised in the development of chemical products for the maintenance of industrial facilities, equipment and machinery, is looking for international distributors willing to collaborate under distribution agreement. Among its product groups are: cleaning and degreasing products, lubricants and anti-corrosives, soaps, metal machining, glass machining and water treatment.

Partner sought

The company is looking for international distributors with a good network of industrial clients, willing to collaborate under distribution agreement. The sectors where these products are aimed are: food industry, automotive, steel industry & metallurgic, water treatment, glass industry so the partner sought has to have a long lasting experience with industries of these sectors and experience distributing products related to the chemical industry. The role of the partner sought is to commercialise the products within their area of influence and its working sectors.


This Spanish company has almost 40 years of experience working on the chemical industry. They are specialized in the development and manufacturing of chemical products for the maintenance of industrial facilities, equipment and machinery. The product portfolio is made up of almost 700 references. The range of products is very wide to cover all the needs of both the maintenance of the production equipment, as well as the production process itself and the facilities where the work is carried out. The industrial sectors for which the products are addressed are: food industry, automotive, naval industry, metallurgy, maintenance of mobile machinery, water treatment, glass industry. The product families are: •Cleaning and degreasing: within this family there are solvents, acids, alkalis, controlled pH, quality Ha (biocides and disinfectant products approved and registered in the appropriate health authority which are suitable for use in the food industry), strippers and decarbonizes. •Lubricants and anti-corrosives: within this family there are lubricants for hydraulics, transmissions, gears, guides, chains, cables, compressors. Protective anticorrosive, non-stick, release agents, brighteners, thermal greases and greases in general. •Soaps: all of them with cosmetic certificate with different degrees of sanitising, both synthetic and natural or without sanitising to cover all the needs of dirt that occur in the hands, more severe or lighter. •Metal machining: a variety of semi-synthetic and synthetic cutting fluids for any type of work on the metal and any type and hardness of the metal. Threading, drilling, cutting, and turning on iron, steel, aluminium, copper together with all the fluids necessary for the maintenance of machines and installations. •Glass machining, a variety of fluids for glass processing and maintenance of the machines involved in the entire manufacturing process. Facilitating the cutting of glass, flocculation of glass dust and the proper functioning of the machinery. •Product range H1: developed and certified to have accidental contact with food, here there are solvents, greases, protectors and different greases for gears, guides, chains and cables. •Water Treatment: products for the integral treatment of water and the equipment where it is located, such as anti-corrosives, anticoagulants, disinfectants, algaecides, enzymes, antifoams, flocculants to treat boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, reverse osmosis plants, closed and open circuits. Working on Spain since its creation on 1982, the company has acquired a strong position on the local market with a good network of clients from different sectors. Now, the company is looking for new opportunities to expand its international business development by seeking international distributors with a strong industrial network to commercialise his solutions.

Advantages and innovations

There are other similar products on the market, but the experience acquired over the years has allowed this Spanish company to manufacture high quality products and with high concentrations of active material. They are manufacturers of their products, with their own formulas and developed by themselves, focusing on the development of innovative products, prioritizing efficiency in the use of resources and the reduction of impacts on the environment throughout the product's life cycle. This ensures the best quality products with competitive prices. They have two certification standards: ISO 9001 e ISO 14001.

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