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French Polynesian company of beverage and food made with natural Tahitian ingredients is looking for distributors in European countries


A French Polynesian company located in Tahiti is a manufacturer and supplier of natural products such as Noni based products, coffee, tea, alcohol, cookies, chocolate, powders, flavorings and exotic oils. It is looking for European distributors in the food, beverage, health products and chocolate sectors.

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The Tahitian company is on business for more than Thirty years. It manufactures and distributes agro-food, beverage and health products in French Polynesia and internationally. In order to ensure quality service to its customers, the company uses a detailed procedural manual and natural products such as noni, Tahitian vanilla, sugar cane… With them, it produces exotic juices, fruit drinks, energy drinks, performance drinks, power drinks, powders, coffee, tea, cookies, chocolate, flavorings, exotics oils … As mentioned, the company is renowned for its products made with Tahitian Vanilla and noni fruit : - Tahitian vanilla is considered to be a gourmet product with a well-rounded, rich but delicate flavor and aroma. The company uses high quality vanilla, without chemicals, and in compliance with government regulations. In fact, vanilla is hand raised in rich organic humus in lush valleys with the perfect combination of humidity, sun and shade. It is oilier, much plumper with many more seed per bean. - Noni is produced from the fruit of Morinda citrifolia plant. It has advantages for human bodies because it contributes to overall well-being. It is rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Noni juice is recommended to remove parasites, to cleanse digestive tract and improve digestion and weight control. It is the fundamental element of traditional Polynesian medicine. In fact, noni is an elixir of Tahiti which dates back some 2,000 years. One of company’s advantages is that it can develop and customize the packaging and label of its products according to potential distributor's specifications. It can even develop new recipes to meet specific needs. All products are available for retail sales, taking into account specific demands and food standards. Also, the company can make bulk shipments, and send anywhere. The Tahitian company already commercializes worldwide (mainly in United States, Japan, China), but it wants to develop new partnerships. That’s why it is looking for new distributors. Its aim is to have agreement with distributors in European countries. It will likely focus on partners who are well known, have a solid reputation on its network distribution and well spread in European Union.

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Advantages of the product: The Tahitian company proposes a wide range of products, from beverage to chocolates. All products are natural, organic and kosher certified. They are completely made in Tahiti with raw natural materials. For example, noni and Tahitian vanilla are organic ingredients with many health advantages. Also, the company can develop and customize the packaging and label its products according to partners specifications. All products are available for retail sales, taking into account specific needs and food standards. Advantages of the company: Company already sells worldwide and proposes shipping conditions with reasonable prices. The gathering, processing and bottling of these natural health products is made under one roof in a strategic location all to ensure lower shipping costs and reasonable prices for the products.

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