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French group specialised in plastic and metal pieces offers subcontracting and manufacturing agreements


A French group gathering 10 industrial companies, specialised in transformation of metal and plastic pieces, offers highly experienced subcontracting and manufacturing services. It has implemented an innovative organization between its 10 industrial sites to cover all stages of the manufacture. The group is an efficient resource center for plastic and metal industries, providing a global solution: studies and design of parts, manufacture of tools, special machines, finishing and packaging.

Partner expertise sought

Injection tooling design: - Full 3D design, - mechanical simulation, - rheology, - overall plan, - retail plan. Nomenclature: • Tooling design control and machining assembly. • Toolpath programming and method industrialization. Through the use of WorkNC software, the company can achieve programming of toolpaths for all complex forms and in all machinable materials. Footprint of injection equipment. Electrode. Prototype part.


Based in France, the French group is a resource center, specialised in processing of metal and plastic pieces, mainly for luxury field. Aluminum, steels, stainless steel, brass, bronze, plastics, titanium are the materials generally used by the company which offers subcontracting and manufacturing services to other industrial partners all over the world. With different subsidiaries, (9 SME's in France and 1 in Romania), the French group can offer to its clients a global solution with complementary technologies involving the entire production chain: - Design and R & D products, tools design, prototypes and models, - Parts production metal and plastic: machining, injection, cutting, - Manufacture of special machines, - Manufacture of press tools and plastic injection molds, - Pad printing, screen printing marking, digital printing, plastic and metal painting, surface treatment and electroplating (chrome), - Parts packaging. The company offers a wide range of complete services, from the design to production logistics solutions, thanks to a single contact. A strong creativity acquired by experience allows the company to be competitive in different industrial sectors: cosmetics and luxury, sport, auto equipment manufacturer, POS (advertising point of sale), furnishings, etc. The company customizes its client's products by surface treatment and decoration complex applications, according to special requests. The company maintains compliance with sustainable development rules and is specially attentive to REACH regulations. Specialist in optical measurement, the company's expertise is particularly strong in the measurement and analysis in 3 dimensions of any type of part or all of any size, in any environment. The French group's various facilities allow digitizing parts or tools, with a high accuracy, from the smaller size to the largest one, of several tens of meters in length.

Advantages and innovations

Focus on 5 strong innovations developed by the French group: 1 - A worldwide innovation: chrome plating processes on plastic materials without using chrome 6: In this way, the company has evolved its galvanizing process by eliminating the use of chromium 6, both in the preparation and for the chromium deposit. This process, already approved or underway in several car manufacturers, is perfectly suitable on ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiène Styrène) and PC/ABS (Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiène Styrène) devices for indoor and outdoor. The chrome plating plastic interior as exterior allows a particularly resistant metal deposit in a long time while the metallization or the paint don't product the same quality of finishing. This process is also suitable for all conventional chrome plating on plastic applications: corking, plumbing, taps. Elsewhere, to cope with these developments, the company has strengthened its facilities in France and constructed in 2015, in its factory in Romania, a new building to accommodate a chrome chain. 2 - 3D printing ABS wire: Not only chosen for the model prototyping, 3D printing also makes possible the realization of functional parts that can be used. With 3D printing wire of ABS, the clients' company can give life to their objects for everyday use. 3 - Flexible ink digital printing: The company offers color process on any flat surface, using flexible UV (ultraviolet) ink accepting deformations. The impression of white is possible, removal of a protective varnish as well. 4 - Optical control without contact, comparison by control, reverse engineering: The company's expertise in control and optical analysis, is particularly suitable for the development of new products. It simply and quickly quantifies the dimensional, geometrical problems and throughout deformation production cycles. 5 - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system to protect all its client's products.

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