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French manufacturer of innovative road signs in thermoplastic injection offers manufacturing agreements


A French specialist in design, industrialization and manufacturing of products or parts of thermoplastic material, has designed especially innovative road signs in thermoplastic injection. They offer manufacturing agreements to industrial partners, local authorities, interested in police road signs, directional road signs, temporary road signs, street road signs, quick information marking... All these products are designed and carefully manufactured by the French company in France.

Partner expertise sought

The company has developed a very interesting expertise regarding a platform which allows geolocation and lifecycle management of the road signs. These are its main features to give the best logistics services to the clients' company: - Statistics on the entire park (status, type, ...). - Automatic alerts for managing the life cycle of road signs. - Geolocation. - Stock management. - History of operations. - Management of operators.


This French company, specialised in thermoplastic injection products, has designed particularly innovative road signs. They are looking now to offer their very interesting products to industrial partners, local authorities, under manufacturing agreements. Their designed and manufactured signs are made of thermoplastic (technical resin), bringing revolutionary new features improving the conditions of use for road users, installers of equipment, managers of roads and local government officials while meeting regulations and future. These new road signs present different following characteristics, very useful and often required in many situations, such as: construction sites, road and highway traffic, accidents, police actions, security devices, cultural events. Ultra resistant: The company has designed a quick information marking innovation concerning flooding accidents, as well as securing and mobile quick markup mounting. Different road signs' ranges offer exceptional resistance qualities (much more durable than aluminum and steel road signs). Increased security in case of accident: •Shock absorption by deformation due to the shape memory property. •Continuity of availability of information. •The substrate binding and rail fixed without adhesive form one very strong inseparable. Customizable: Each road sign can be customized, manufactured sustainably and have an individual traceability commissioning with the ability to control the monitoring of signs center. Ecological: The possibility of using natural products (wood flour, oyster shells, hemp, ...) makes them more environmentally friendly. Their products are 100% recyclable. Additionally, their road signs satisfy the conditions for sustainable development required by local authorities. Their carbon footprint is lower than aluminum or steel products. (CO2 reduction). The road signs developed by the French company present too economical advantages, such as: •Reduced installation and maintenance costs. •The disappearance of vandalism interest (over theft of aluminum or steel road signs). •A storage condition undemanding (not oxidation scratches). •Increasing the life of the road signs. •Installation is easy with their road signs thanks to their light weight (weight reduction of 25% compared to aluminum, 2.5 times lighter than steel). •Handling is facilitated where a sharp decrease in musculoskeletal disorders among installers (light weight and temperature). The strengths of the road signs' company are following: •Highly recyclable. •Weight gain of 32 % against an aluminum panel and 62 % against a steel panel, so handling easier. •Highly resistant to bending. •Excellent electrical insulator. •Highly resistant to abrasion. •Resistance to high impact. •Excellent resistance to weathering and aging. •High thermal stability.

Advantages and innovations

- The company guides its clients by offering them the main usage contexts of road signs according to regulations to help them exactly know their needs. - The company products are all certified for their ultra resistance, high security, customization, lightweight, ecological and economical aspects. - The company participes to all specialised brokerage events in his field, such as: Intertraffic in Amsterdam, "Salon des Maires et des collectivités" and Micronora in France, Medica Compamed in Germany... - Their detailed knowledge of thermoplastics and their technology efforts allow them to offer relevant innovations to always meet new market requirements. - They combine their creativity and know-how with their raw material suppliers partners to enable the most demanding products. - They have the tools dedicated to the control and quality of their entire production. - To meet all signage needs, they offer various complementary product lines with their partners for road safety, access deterrence, as well as light and sound signaling. - With its certifications, the company has always worked in strict quality process framework.

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