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Hungarian SME, producer and wholesaler of unique menstrual hygiene care products (antimicrobial sanitary pads, menstrual cups, menstrual heater stickers, wet wipes) is looking for distributors


A brandowner Hungarian SME is looking for distributors of feminine hygiene care goods and/or of cosmetic products in different countries in Europe, who would buy their goods directly for further retail purposes. A perfect partner is an other wholesaler who delivers these kind of goods to their buyer partners like drogeries, pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarkets, cosmetic webshops,etc and/or deals with health and personal hygiene care products in their local (web)store.

Partner expertise sought

- Type of partner sought: distributor, local retalier of personal hygiene goods, and/or of other types of new trendy various bio/eco/cosmetic products, who finds these goods also suitable to trade with. - Specific area of activity of the partner: dealing with these kind of goods at own shop, and/or supplying similar personal hygiene products to drogeries /local drogerie chains/ pharmacies, / hypermarkets,/ supermarkets/ other retailers. - Task to be performed: To buy the feminine hygiene goods directly from the brand owner. After delivery, buyer shall undertakes to manage the sales and marketing activities locally in own language but with informative guidance of brand owner.


The Hungarian SME is a producer and wholesaler of feminine hygiene care goods and/or of cosmetic products. Unique range of female hygiene (menstrual) care goods are: - high absorbent capacity sanitary pads with laboratory proven antimicrobial and odour neutralizer effect without any perfume additives; - menstrual tamponcups in two sizes for sport and water loving and eco-friendly ladies; - mobile hotpads against the menstrual cramps. 3 pads/box to be used one by one provide helpful heat for relieving menstrual pain and cramps in the first 3 most intense days of menstruation. - wet wipes as feminine intimate tissues with lactic acid in two stockings provide gentle cleansing for intimate female bodyparts. In classic 20 pieces package is suitable for home use, and 20 pieces individually wrapped packages for on-the-way use with the helpful strenght of lactic acid, aloe vera extract, allantoin and with slightly sweet fragrance of orange. The company is looking for local sellers, (web)shops, local retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers of other retailers: such as smaller local drogeries, drogerie chains countrywise; pharmacies, hypermarkets, supermarkets, etc. Local sellers, wholesalers and distributors are sought who has already practise international trade and deliveries from Hungary to their country. The brand owner would like to build active and long life cooperation with foreign partners.

Advantages and innovations

One brand offers more solutions in various products under one single brand to handle the different problems of menstruation (tampons, pads, heater stickers, wet wipes, etc). - Each of the products provides an extra advantage than usual menstrual care product does. - More products are planned to come, so widening range of goods under one brand may achieve better sales results, stronger brand awareness and continuously growing turnover at the buyers and distributors by the time. Each of the products provides an extra function to the customer than usual menstrual care products: - Sanitary pads with antimicrobial effect can be used for longer time duration - Very strong absorbent capacity and extra dry feel is combined with the comfortable wear of a surprisingly thin size - Menstrual cups for sport and water loving women for having their exercise on those hard days. They also still could go the pool/sauna/. These cups may also matter to eco-friendly and health-considering ladies too. - Mobile hotpads against the menstrual cramps for up to 10-12 hours by heating the painful points sticked inside of the linguerie.

Development stage

Not available

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available

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