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An Israeli micro assembly house is looking for subcontracting agreement with manufacturers/academy/R&D of innovative hardware products based on micro-electronics, micro-optics and photonics and applied at variety of fields


An Israeli SME, the assembly house, that supplies assembly services for micro-optics, optoelectronics, micro-electronics and photonic spheres is looking for the companies who use the above microsystems for their products. Advantages include creative thinking “outside the box”, fast assembly process, advanced experience, trained team of experts, innovative assembly equipment etc. The company is looking for subcontracting, services and cooperation agency agreement

Partner sought

TYPE - industry, academy, business, trade -ACTIVITY – 1) business company with contacts and experience in high tech world; 2) industrial / research companies in the fields of automotive, photonic, medical, aviation, aerospace, communication, augmented reality, smart cities and consumer products -ROLE - 1) to represent the company on the local market(s) and find local customers – under commercial agency agreement. 2) to integrate the company service - the assembly of the parts into the intended target finished product - in the activity fields for local industrial / research organisations – under subcontracting / services agreement.


The company was founded in 1998, now employs a team of about 40 dedicated experts and is serving hundreds of hi-tech companies around the world. The company provides assembly for micro-electronic and micro-optical components (microscopic assemblies in miniature components) and specializes in the full lifecycle of micro-assembly - starting at design review to ensure optimal structure, going through manually assembling prototypes and into the production and mass production (up to tens of thousands monthly) phases. The company helps its customers to design and build the most complicated microelectronics / photonic / micro-optics components. Customers' profiles vary and range from start-ups to multinational corporations. The company provides creative solutions and creative thinking “outside the box”. That means, not only are the most modern industrial devices used, but the company is also harnessing innovative and creative thinking to find the optimal solution. The company provides full assembly services in the fields of microelectronics, micro optics, micromechanics and serves its clients during the R&D, ramp-up / prototyping and mass production stages. The company is famous by their quick response. For instance, it often takes a prototype (already with the assembled parts) a few hours to get back from the factory to the client, as compared to several days or weeks when assembled by the other services. The company’s services encompass entire process, from design validation, through prototypes development and onto successfully assembling the product, in the volume and pace that their business requires. The company offers various services suitable for the stage the product is at: support and design in the development stage, prototype construction, assembly in small quantities, a few hundred, and assembly in medium - commercial quantities (tens of thousands). The company facilities contain the most advanced production equipment and automated machinery in the industry. Clean floor includes 7 workspaces and over 60 workstations, spreading on ~650 square meters. The facilities received the class ISO 7/6/5 certifications. Quality assurance certifications include ISO13485 2016 for medical devices, AS91000 for aerospace, QMS, IPC-A-610 and MIL-STD 883. Partial list of capabilities: IC (integrated circuit) packaging includes all known dies (MEMS, MOEMS, lenses, diodes, sensors, lasers and more) and substrates (FR4, FLEX, ceramics, glass, silicon, teflon, diamond). Optics assembly includes lens stacking, micro lens array assembly, optical placement - down to 0.5 microns, active alignment, glass fiber alignment, optical benches, prism positioning, photonic fibers handling. The company serves as the micro-assembly subcontractor for companies in various fields - automotive, photonic, medical, aviation, aerospace, communication, augmented reality, smart cities and consumer products. Potential partners may be a combination of final customers and business partners to serve as production channels. The end customers are hardware or software-hardware companies that need planning, prototyping and execution of their microelectronic and optic components. The company wants to expand their service to new markets and is looking for subcontracting and services agreements with industrial & research companies and for cooperation agency agreement with business partners.

Advantages and innovations

In their field of micro assembly the company has the following advantages: 1. Support to all lifecycle services for micro assembly. 2. Agile response and trained team of experts with creative thinking. 3. Innovative, up-to-date technical machinery and assembly equipment. 4. Advanced experience, speed and automation over the opening a new production line and in-house production at the company's manufacturing facilities. 5. Assembly solutions for those interested in producing medium quantities, but cannot assemble in the east, where production is mainly in large quantities. 6. Significant savings on wear and tear - 100% of the components are received from the customer, as compared to 80% -90% in the east. 7. At the product / prototype design stage the assembly is usually performed in the universities by inexperienced academicians / students, but the company’s assembly would be professional due to its extensive experience.

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