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Italian producer (located in Sicily) of organic extra virgin olive oil, jams, marmalade, walnuts and citrus fruits is looking for agents or distributors


An Italian producer, located in the Eastern side of Sicily, of organic extra virgin oil, a diversified range of traditional jams, marmalade, organic citrus fruits and walnuts seeks distributors or agents in EU, US, Asian countries and Canada. These high quality products, made in artisanal mode with fresh seasonal fruits grown in the organic farms, are some of the finest examples of the rich Sicilian gastronomical and organic heritage.

Partner expertise sought

The company is looking for international commercial agents and distributors, with well structured and consolidated network of business relationship in the gourmet and healthy food sector. The company wants also target with its products the small retail channel of the organic and gourmet food and the HoReCa ( Hotel/Restaurant/Café) sector.


The company is located at the foothill of Mount Etna, and operates in an ancient farmhouse built in 1888 . Even today it is owned and managed by the same family and has been recently restored, maintaining the same original design and architectural features. It is located in a beautiful natural setting (the Alcantara Fluvial Park) near major tourist sites such as Catania, Syracuse, Agrigento, Noto, Messina, Taormina and Giardini Naxos. The estate is of about 10 hectares, with access to the Alcantara Gorges. Due to its geographic location, mild climate typical of the Mediterranean area, and the characteristic fertile land of Eastern Sicily, the estate can offer products of exceptional goodness. The company comply with the EU Organic Certification and the EU Ecolabel Certification. Its products include: organic extra virgin oil, jams and marmalade, organic citrus fruits and walnuts. - The organic extra virgin oil which is an unique flavored oil. The particular kind of olive groves used is called "Ogliarola Messinese". It is an autochtonous and self-fertile cultivation, with a high index productivity with a very satisfactory oil yield that often and willingly exceeds the 20% share. This oil has many peculiarities: it is golden-yellow in color, while from the olfactory point of view it is characterized by a not very intense fruity olive scent with hints of almond, tomato and artichokes. The taste of this oil has a certain balance between spiciness, sweetness and bitterness, and this makes it optimal for the preparation of strong flavor recipes, whether they are based on vegetables, meat or fish. The consumption of this type of extra virgin olive oil is very suitable for those suffering from cholesterolemia, thanks to the presence of monounsaturated fats and therefore is very suitable to be sold to the general public. Moreover, the producer company organizes, in its estate, different food-related initiatives such as: tasting rooms, cooking sessions, events inherent to agri-tourism and other activities. The diversified range of jams and marmalade include: - jams made with organic lemon and ginger as well as with tangerine; - marmalade, made with organic bitter orange; - marmalade, made with blood orange and orange blossom; - tacle jam, a hybrid fruit, which is a mix of tangerine and clementine. - clementine jam . While, the organic citrus fruits produced are: - oranges (also bitter and blood oranges); - tacle (mix of tangerine and clementine); - lemons; -walnuts. In addition, the company offers the possibility to purchase a set of mixed seasonal citrus fruits selected from the above mentioned list. The production processes have been thought and developed fully respecting the environment surrounding the ancient farmhouse and fully meeting the ancient and traditional procedures related to the proper organic production. The company has been exhibited its products in Bruxelles in the Ecolabel showroom in June 2017, and will be exhibited in Paris (in the same Ecolabel EU showroom) from 12 to 16 March 2018. The organic company is interested in internationalization and expanding in the markets abroad. It already sells in Central Europe and wants to extend its sales in EU, US, Asian countries and in Canada. Therefore, it is searching for an experienced agent or distributor to support and promote the company's products. The company is willing to offer a long-term distribution service agreement to the potential partner. The prior experience of the potential partner in food products commercial networks and especially in Mediterranean ones will be highly valued.

Advantages and innovations

The company’s products have some distinctive advantages: - Genuine and organic products based in traditional flavours, made exclusively from products obtained from organic farming; - a new product, Tacle. It looks like a large mandarin or a slightly squashed orange and is actually a cross between an orange and a Clementine. To be precise, this hybrid derives from the Monreal variety of Clementine (which is in itself a hybrid) and the Tarocco orange. The tacle has a sweet taste and its flesh is very firm and compact. With segments that are completely devoid of seeds, the tacle has a shiny, bright orange peel. It is ideal for either eating as part of a meal or for squeezing, thanks to the generous amount of juice trapped in its flesh. - Small scale production according to traditional methods, with total exclusion of food coloring and preservatives of any sort. -The production processes are completely natural. They comply with all relevant standards and are certified by the EU as a producer and seller of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organic fruits; - the packaging shows a natural product and appeals to demanding consumers that love natural gourmet products and value design. The packaging can also be used as an attractive at the point of sale.

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