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An Italian company located in Sicily specialized in the realization of photovoltaic modules, canopies, LED street systems and hybrid systems, looks for joint venture, agency and distribution agreements


An Italian company located in Ragusa, in the south of Sicily, looks for agents and distributors involved in the field of green energy, interested in photovoltaic modules, green furnishing urban elements such as canopies and stand alone LED street light systems and off grid and hybrid systems. The company aims also at finding joint ventures for the realization of photovoltaic plants and lighting projects.

Partner sought

The company looks for a reliable partner with experience in the renewable energies field and a good company structure which intend to collaborate in selling the products and systems. Future partners should deal with the preliminary inspection of the final client, the preliminary commercial phase and the installation. The partner has to know the local market and the local laws to help the client in the design phase, and should be capable to provide a proper support during all steps of a project. The company is open to establish also potential joint venture for the realization of lighting projects.


Established in 1965, the core business of the company has been for decades, the field of commercialization of aluminium and accessories. Constant investments and a careful management paved the company way towards renewable energy by creating a brand, synonymous of quality photovoltaic technology, that has been included in the top ten of photovoltaic plants in Italy. Today, the company is involved in the production of several products like thermal break aluminium profiles, photovoltaic modules, photovoltaic canopies, street light systems and off-grid and hybrid systems. As regard the aluminium profiles, the system developed by the company is conceived for the construction of thermal break aluminium fixtures in the swing and sliding version. The system is easy to assemble, and it has an excellent design and cost / quality comparison. The whole process guarantees the quality of production thanks to the specific departments equipped with state-of-the-art systems, for the realization of the various types of thermosetting powder coatings. Regarding photovoltaic module, the use of polycrystalline solar cells with 4 bus bar, reduces the series resistance of the module and limits the operating temperature of the cells, combined with the high and certified quality of all components. The photovoltaic canopy is a green furnishing urban element characterized by high energy performance guaranteed by the quality of the photovoltaic modules and by the flexibility of the patented system which are able to cater more demanding designers needs. It can be installed on any type of flat surfaces, suitable for private homes and for residential areas, reaching its maximum expression of flexibility in the spaces intended to accomodate a large number of vehicles, such as shopping malls and airports. LED street light systems are powered by solar energy and wind power and are often employed in not electrified areas and rural places. They are able to ensure 72 hours autonomy in total absence of recharging sources with programmed ignitions up to twelve hours per night. A special LED lamp ensures excellent visibility to drivers and pedestrians, concentrating the luminous flux where necessary. Off-grid and hybrid systems consist of photovoltaics generators and fossil-fuelled gensets, ensuring the demand-oriented control of the photovoltaics systems dependent on plant's load and genset characteristics. The company is looking for a partner interested in the promotion and sale of the products and the systems (agents and distributors). . The design and production phases will be done by the Italian company, instead the partner should deal with the preliminary inspection of the final client, the preliminary commercial phase and with the installation, even supervised by company's staff. Furthermore the company is open to partners for joint venture related in the realization of common lighting projects.

Advantages and innovations

The company has been operating in the Italian market for over 50 years. A process of expansion started with the processing and marketing of aluminium, continued with the superficial treatment of metals and hot-dip galvanizing of ferrous products. Since 2005 the company has become an important reference point for the production, sale and installation of photovoltaic modules, as well as for the supply of solutions aimed at the architectural integration of the modules themselves, offering the possibility to realize energy self-sufficient systems. In 2017, after years of studies and research, the company joined the circle of companies that produce thermal break aluminium profiles and launched on the market a new revolutionary system for fixtures. For over half a century, the aluminum and accessories commercialization sector has represented company's core business. From this point of view, the automation of the aluminum storage departments has generated a logistic response, the quality of which was determined by the degree of customer satisfaction. Innovators by vocation, the company has always been at the helm of its companies. Strong of the great historical tradition and in the sign of continuity, the priority objective is the need to express quality aimed at providing high standard services. Company's production system is today identified under its single brand and structured on an area of 80,000 square meters, with three plants for production and marketing, all equipped with modern and technologically advanced facilities. The certified guarantee, of the high production standards, places this prestigious industrial reality on top of national and international charts for this field. The company boasts a know-how in order to respond to the challenges of an increasingly demanding market, offering technical successful solutions.

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