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A Korean start-up is looking for distributors of their innovative sticky note printer that can be used in everyday life for both home and office


A South Korean start-up founded in 2016 has developed and manufactured a sticky note printer along with its mobile application, which allows users to create, save and share memo. The product is thought out to boost people’s productivity helping them remember important information and share their ideas. The company is currently looking for distributors in Europe to enter the European market for a long-lasting business relationship.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

• Specs: 112*112*90, 580g, direct thermal printing, 203dpi, auto-cut. • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1, USB 2.0 • Supported operating system: Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS

Partner sought

The company is looking for distributors, resellers and retailers to create a partnership and successfully enter the European market. Distributor should be able to import the product and introduce it to major and small retailers, both offline and online. In addition, resellers that can offer the product to the B2B market are sought. This would include hotels, schools, small hospitals, study rooms, co-working spaces and so on.


This Korean company is a spin-off from Korea’s major electronic company. It was established in June 2016 and just 5 months after its establishment, the company’s innovative sticky note printer received “Best of Innovation Awards” from the prestigious consumer electronics show in the US. The product includes IoT based mini printer, paper and connected application and solution. They provide a new type of user experience with a combination of the analog sticky note (similar to 3M notes) and digital notes in mobile device The printer itself presents a minimal and gentle design, ideal for any work environment. The printing technology is a thermal- printing based technology which allows a quick and reliable printing service. As a thermal printer, there will not be any need of ink or toners. By doing so, the user can enjoy a long-term convenience as the expenses for the upkeeping of the printer are reduced by 40~70%. The item works with dedicated special paper cartridges. Since there is no need for any ink or toners, the user can easily just exchange the paper cartridge for an immediate and comfortable use. The cartridge’s outer configuration allows the user to have a comfortable grip and an easy installation process. The cartridges contain special thermal paper which presents a sticky strip allowing it to stick onto any surface after printing. The thermal paper will last up to five years and thanks to its coating, the paper is resistant to most types of liquids and stains. The dispenser button allows the user to re-print the previous sticky note again if pressed for 2 seconds or an empty sticky note can be printed with a single touch. On the lower part, two LED lights show the status of the printer (On/off, printing, error etc.) and the color of the paper cartridge currently inserted in the printer. The company hopes to cooperate with distributors, resellers, retailers that can offer the product in both offline and online market. Aside from the B2C market, B2B market would be a good way to penetrate the market.

Advantages and innovations

The product focuses on allowing people to easily print, save and share their ideas. The user interacts with an intuitive UI (user interface) on the dedicated application which offers all the right tools to create customizable memos. The application also allows users to take advantage of a wide range of pre-set templates for every need. Moreover, it provides many tools from to-do list generator, QR code or barcode generator to a fun mosaic- printing tool ideal for photo printing. Overall, the printing asset provided presents an innovative solution that is able to combine analog and digital aspects of note- taking. While regular notes tend to be damaged, lost or discarded, the printer + app solution lets you save, share and re-print your notes anytime. On the other hand, the convenience, handiness and the total user experience of regular sticky notes stay untouched. Moreover, the item gives the user innovative assets such as the possibility of 20 people to connect and use the printer simultaneously, perfect for meetings, brainstorming sessions and sharing ideas at the same time. Also, the product presents a unique de-curl technology which lets the sticky notes come out of the printer perfectly flat and ready to be attached onto any surface. This product was awarded “the most innovative product” in a prestigious consumer electronics show in year 2017

Development stage

Not available

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Trade Marks

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