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A Polish producer of unique premium furniture is looking for distributors


The Polish company specialized in the production of premium furniture created with cooperation with designers from around the world is looking for distributors. The company is looking for trade partners mainly from Russia, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, USA, Finland, Qatar and EU countries for its unique design and high-quality products. The company is offering distribution agreement. Also, the company is offering subcontracting services for wood and board furniture.

Partner sought

The company is looking for distributors who will be able to introduce a new furniture brand to its domestic market. Experience in the furniture industry is welcome. The company would establish B2B cooperation with large companies which are interested in high volume production on the basis of technical documentation, as well as conception. The company also offers its furnishing services for hotels and other residential buildings.


The Polish family company operating in the market for 25 years is a leading manufacturer of high-end furniture in Poland. The company is cooperating with leaders of global furniture market and more than 85% of total production is directed to foreign companies. The company is cooperating with world-class industrial designer to provide unique furniture collections. Currently, the company launches two new collections: - a set of bedroom furniture designed by a Polish designer (dressing table, chest of drawers, bed, wardrobe) This set is a combination of modern and classic style through the use of simple solid shape and curved massive legs. Furniture is finished with natural oak veneer contrasting with a glossy white varnish. The set is unique thanks to marquetry, and innovative flap on the top of the dressing table which allows to pull out items without opening the drawer. - two sets of English classic style furniture (for bedroom and living room) created by a Polish designer.The collection uses classic design (arched shapes, decorative profiles, handles and legs) in combination with a simple form which allows to use in both classical and modern interior design. Apart from company’s own collections, they produce for individual orders using designs and conceptions provided by the customers which are processed by professional designers and software. The company produces a wide range of furniture: skeletal furniture (tables, benches, chairs, poufs, beds), box furniture (bedroom and living room furniture), untypical furniture (antiqued, 3D surface, untypical size, shape or painting), veneer furniture and solid wood furniture. Modern and well-developed stock of machines and technical and technological documentation for all products allow the company to achieve a 100% production repeatability. Among many machines the company own CNC (Computerized Numeric Control) machining centre, automatic UV/PU painting line and computer-controlled drying room. The company has a high production capacity (1100 pcs per month) which cause lower manufacturing cost. The company uses in production process special handicraft technique called marquetry (applying pieces of veneer to a structure to form decorative patterns, designs or pictures) which make their products unique and exclusive. Due to the continuous development of the company and launching a new furniture brand on the market the company is looking for distribution services mainly in Russia, Armenia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Sweden, USA, Finland, Qatar and EU countries. The company is also offering subcontracting services in the production of the board and wood furniture amid overcapacity.

Advantages and innovations

- FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Council) – production using the highest quality certified materials, - 7 CNC machining centres - using a safe for health paints and varnishes - 80% of handmade work in some collections, - high product durability due to the use of a monolithic structure based on wooden frames, - own technological department testing product’s strength - quality control at every production stage, - assembled furniture delivery, - long-time workers who achieved their craft skill in the company, - experience in cooperating with international trade networks, - fast order fulfilment-delivery time is from 4 to 6 weeks (from the moment of placing an order to delivery)

Development stage

Not available

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available

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