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Polish company from food sector is looking for distributors.


A Polish company specialized in the marketing of canned, frozen and dried fruit and vegetable products is looking for partners under the distribution services agreement.

Partner sought

Preferred partner is a small, medium or large company that has a good network for distribution of food and has experience in food sector.


The company from Malopolska, South of Poland has been present on the food market for more than 25 years now. During this time, they have obtained extensive experience which helps them to grow dynamically on the Polish and international markets. They own a modern manufacturing plant, storage warehouses with a combined area of more than 8 000 m2, cold stores with an area of 3 000 m2. The company offers canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables and more especially: -Canned fruits, available packages are 425, 850, 2650, 4250 ml (e.g. pineapple slices in light syrup, peaches halves in light syrup, apricots halves in light syrup, mandarins segments in light syrup, pears halves in light syrup, fruit cocktail, forest fruit cocktail, strawberries in light syrup, pitted plums in light syrup, pitted cherries in light syrup and more). -Dried fruits, available packages are 150g, 200g (e.g. blue poppy seeds, almonds, dried apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds kernels , prunes , dessicated coconuts and more). -Frozen fruits, available packages are 150g, 200g (pineapple, peach, mandarin, kiwi, mango, papaya, pear, strawberry, orange, cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, blackberry). -Canned vegetables, available packages are 425, 2650 ml (e.g. white beans canellini, red kidney beans, sweet corn, green peas, asparagus, tomatoes whole peeled, tomatoes chopped, artichoke hearts, pickles, red pepper stripes , tomato concentrate , green pesto, tuna and more). -Frozen vegetables, available packages are 425, 2650 ml : (frozen mushrooms mum, pepper, sweet corn, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, green peas, green beans, carrot, celery, parsley, zucchini, leek, onion, brussels sprouts, potatoes). -Olives, available packages are 240, 358, 935 ml, -Jams, available packages are 320, 360g (e.g. strawberry jam, sour cherry jam, blackcurrant jam, peach jam, pineapple jam, orange jam). -Olive oils, available packages are 0,25l, 0,5l, 0,75l, 1l and 1,5l, -Ketchups, -Tomato paste, -Concentrated juices, -Filling for cakes. The company has many years of experience in international trade and established business relations with partners from countries all over the world. The company has very well developed logistics network in European Union and they can easily supply every quantity to customer. The company sell in Poland and foreign markets on 4 continents under the own brands and of the customer brands (including retailers). Products are currently sold via fruit and vegetable processing plants, retail chains distributors of the traditional market, catering wholesalers, hotels, restaurants, confectionery plants and wholesalers, but of course the company is open to any proposal of cooperation. The SME would like to extend its brand in foreign markets and is looking for worldwide expansion under distribution services agreement.

Advantages and innovations

Advantages that will benefit potential partners of the cooperation: - The biggest advantage of the company is wide range of available fruits and vegetables of excellent quality, - Wide business contacts, - The company provides professionalism, competitive prices, and efficient logistics, - Over 25 years of experience, - Twelve - time winner of the “Gazela Biznesu 2014” award. - They are carefully select products taking care of the taste and health accordance with the implemented systems ISO 9001 and HACCP.

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