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Polish factory, a producer of handbags, wallets, envelope clutches, briefcases, belts and leatherware is willing to establish international cooperation based upon commercial agency, outsourcing or subcontracting agreements


A Polish leatherware factory is looking for cooperation on the basis of commercial agency, outsourcing or subcontracting. The company offers its manufacturing capabilities in the production of men and women leather bags and accessories in a vast range of designs. The company is able to produce in small and large volumes, in accordance with the project delivered by the potential client. In addition, the company is looking for experienced and knowledgeable representatives in foreign markets.

Partner sought

Type of Agreement: commercial agency agreement. Type of Partner Sought: leatherware retailers, fashion brands, advertising agencies, department stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, chain stores Role of Partner Sought: the partner sought should be willing to represent the products and services offered by the Polish company on their respective market. Expertise of Partner Sought: understanding of the leatherware sector on a given market, knowledge of potential customers / distribution channels. Type of Agreement: outsourcing agreement. Type of Partner Sought: any leatherware company in need of an outsourcer. Role of Partner Sought: the potential partners should be willing to assign some of their obligations to the Polish company Expertise of Partner Sought: understanding of the leatherware production processes and the leatherware sector on a given market. Type of Agreement: subcontracting agreement. Type of Partner Sought: any leatherware company in need of a subcontractor. Role of Partner Sought: the potential partners should be willing to contract out some of their business processes to the Polish company Expertise of Partner Sought: understanding of the leatherware production processes and the leatherware sector on a given market.


A manufacturing facility located in north-eastern Poland deals with the industrial production of men and women handbags, envelope clutches, wallets, belts, accessories and luggage items with a guarantee of the best prices and cooperation conditions. It is a 100% Polish, dynamically developing company that invests into unique solutions related to designs and technology. Thanks to a well-qualified staff, the company accepts and successfully realises production orders for a variety of men and women handbags, messenger bags, briefcases (including flat briefcases), wallets, leather accessories. The company’s portfolio includes more than 100 designs of their own products. As a result of constant development and careful monitoring of the trends, the company introduces new, fashionable designs each season. The company specialises in synthetic materials and natural and artificial leather and is characterised by products’ solid design and build, and by always on time delivery. The company produces items for the largest wholesalers in Central Europe and for the most popular fashion brands in Poland and abroad. The company focuses not only on the Polish market but is currently producing for clients in Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Spain and the Arab and Baltic countries. In total, the company exports its production to more than 30 countries worldwide. The best evidence of company’s reliability and its dynamic growth are the prizes received: the Innovations 2014 and the e-Gazelle of Business 2015 and 2016. When it comes to the potential cooperation, the company has selected the following types: - Commercial agency agreement - The company would like to establish long-term cooperation on the basis of a commercial agency agreement with an experienced partner, with a good knowledge of a leatherware market in the respective country and with an already established network of potential customers and/or distribution channels. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be having a reliable company representative that could present the services provided by the Polish company on a foreign market and find businesses from the leatherware sector that could use the adjustable production capabilities of the Polish company to their advantage. - Outsourcing and/or subcontracting agreement - The company would like to establish cooperation with any type of leatherware company (producing bags, belts, etc.) that is in need of a reliable outsourcer/subcontractor that could take over some or all of their production responsibilities. The desired outcome of this cooperation would be an agreement according to which the Polish company is given the opportunity to manufacture intermediate, semi-finished or completely finished products for a foreign company.

Advantages and innovations

Thanks to a positive cashflow that ensures the company’s financial stability, the company constantly enlarges its industrial machinery park and increases employment. A high technology level is a guarantee of dynamic development. The machinery used for the initial, preparatory stage is of Italian origin, while the sewing process (85% of the whole process) is conducted with the use of the state-of-the-art Japanese JUKI machines, specialised in heavy duty industrial sewing. The company has a large knowledge on how to design, pattern and manufacture handbags. The staff includes well-qualified needlewomen with a long-time professional experience. All the materials used for production come from reputable business entities with quality certificates. Each raw materials supplier is scrutinised and assessed. Attention paid to ensure the highest quality, 100% consistency of production and determination while performing allow the company to cater to the needs of even the most demanding clients. Thanks to the commitment of the each and every employee, the final products successfully compete on the European and world markets. The company already manufactures for other business entities in the following countries: Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Spain.

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