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Electronic components offered by the Polish company under manufacturing and distribution services agreements


A Polish SME experienced in manufacture of electronic components is looking for trade and production partners. They produce interference suppression capacitors and filters, AC (alternating current) capacitors and high-voltage spark igniters for gas cookers. Distribution services agreements are sought for trade partners. The company offers production of components from its portfolio and services in winding, hermetizing or 3D modelling. Manufacturing and outsourcing agreements are offered then.

Partner sought

In case of distribution services agreement Type of potential partner: trade company Field of activity: trade/wholesale of electronic parts. Role of the partner: to act as a distributor/ wholesaler of products offered by the Polish company within its regions or national markets, serving manufacturers of: - household appliances, - electrotechnical, medical and automotive equipment, - lighting fittings and equipment, - electric motors, - systems for power factor correction, - power electronics devices, - equipment for the army, - audio equipment . In case of manufacturing and/or outsourcing agreement A branch partner ready to order the production of components in the scope of the basic range of the company's products or to outsource services of winding, hermetizing or 3D modelling.


This medium-sized Polish company has been a producer of passive electronic components since 1957. At present, the company specializes in the production of interference suppression capacitors, AC capacitors, interference suppression filters and high-voltage spark igniters for gas cookers. The basic groups of the company's products are: Capacitors • Interference suppression capacitors – they are designed to suppress radioelectric disturbances generated to power supply networks by devices (including household appliances). Design solutions do not differ from the global level. • AC capacitors – this group includes capacitors for single-phase electric motors and capacitors for fluorescent lamps (lighting), used for power factor correction. They have VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik Elektronik Informationstechnik e. V.; Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) and ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) certificates. • Pulse and DC (direct current) capacitors (plastic capacitors for general use). • Audio capacitors – they are designed to improve the sound quality. They are characterized by high quality and durability ensured by the use of appropriately selected materials, production technology and specific testing and measurement methods. Interference suppression filters The product is designed for household appliances and other electrical devices. The filters are used to suppress radioelectric disturbances generated by electrical devices. The interference suppression filters are characterized by high attenuation in a wide frequency band and high resistance to climatic factors. They have VDE and ENEC certificates. Spark igniters for gas cookers High-voltage spark igniters are modern electronic devices designed to power spark gaps of gas cookers. They are characterized by high reliability. Design and parameters meet the requirements set by companies producing gas cookers. The products have the VDE mark. The company operates successfuly in the domestic and foreign markets. In view to further expansion the company is looking for new trade partners worldwide. The Polish company offers full marketing support, with the desire to a long term business commitment to provide them with products. Cooperation based on the distribution services agreement is considered. The company can manufacture components in the scope of the basic range of its products as well as provide services in winding, hermetizing or 3D modelling. Manufacturing and outsourcing agreements are envisaged in this case.

Advantages and innovations

The company's products meet the requirements of all major European and American standards. Interference suppression capacitors (class X2Y2, X1Y2) and filters are competitive in their group. The main group of recipients of these products are producers of household appliances. Interference suppression capacitors (class X1, X2) are used in electronics equipment, household appliances, power tools and electronic ballasts. The company manufactures capacitors for niche applications that give the chance to win by price with competitors’ massive production. MKSP-5P and MKSP-I18 capacitors meet the high quality requirements of ENEC standards, which is confirmed by certificates obtained from the VDE Institute. The company is one of the leading producers of spark igniters for gas cookers in Europe. The products have VDE quality certificates.

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