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A Polish manufacturer of artificial thermoplastic materials is looking for partners in EU countries to sign a distribution services or commercial agency agreement in order to sell the innovative motor boat.


A Polish company has created a modern, unsinkable motor boat made of plastic materials. The boat requires no maintenance, it is light and resistant to damage. The number of possible applications is very large. Universal design allows to adapt the equipment to various types of specialized applications. The company is looking for partners among EU countries to sign a distribution services or commercial agency agreement in order to establish long-term cooperation.

Partner sought

The company has experience in selling its products to countries such as Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Romania and France. It is interested in establishing cooperation with motivated, experienced partners who have experience in commercial brokerage and distribution of products from artificial/plastic materials as well as motor and related boats. Since the company has been dealing mainly with thermoplastic materials for thirty years, it has no contacts or distribution network related to their newest product, which is an innovative motor boat. A partner able to move in such an industry would be very suitable for them. They are interested in cooperating with all EU located countries.


A Polish company with nearly 30 years of experience in the production of thermoplastics. is a producer of plastic systems (PEHD, PP, PVC, PVDF) used in water, sewage and technological installations. Provides extrusion welding and extrusion welding of polyethylene and polypropylene. Performs, among others works related to drainage of viaducts and bridges. Manufactures ground tanks from plastic plates (PEHD and PP) and underground based on its own patented design of a special pipe. The company has created a new product using the materials it produces - a motorboat for special tasks. Solid construction, subdivision (floats divided by watertight bulkheads), safety: numerous non-slip surfaces, high-quality handles, designed in accordance with Directive 2013/53 / EU, very high mechanical resistance, the ability to swim to the stony shore, swim in shallow waters or maneuver in flood areas , durability, preparation for work in difficult conditions, virtually no maintenance (no need to paint or clean the bottom of algae), the ability to easily adapt the model to individual customer needs thanks to the production of welded high-density polyethylene plates, a bow that facilitates entry and exit facing the quay or the quay, high rigidity of the floats so that the boat "sticks" very well on the water, maneuverable fast hull, low draft, high directional efficiency, ease and speed of repair (e.g. without drying time), friendly the environment - the boats can almost be recycled. Possible use of the boat in: 1. Water rescue, 2. Uniformed services: fire brigade, border guard, police 3. Patrol boats 4. For divers 5. Transport of the crew 6. Technical service of water facilities 7. Port operation, pilot boats 8. Fishing 9. Operation of marine fish farms, 10. offshore wind farms 11. drilling platforms The company is looking for partners abroad to establish long-term cooperation. Is interested in signing a distribution services agreement or Commercial agency agreement. I am looking for a partner who will represent her interests in EU countries. He wants to find an agent or distributor who will want to help sell products from their portfolio.

Advantages and innovations

The plastic material the boat is made of is lighter than water. Compared to traditional boat production methods, it has very high impact and puncture resistance. The boat does not sink even after a piercing of the hull or fire from a firearm. The material is resistant to temperature changes. It is corrosion resistant. Resistant to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, salt, fuel. It doesn't grow algae either. No special maintenance required. UV resistant. After remelting 100% recyclable.

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