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Industrial automation services, as well as tools, devices, instruments and spare parts are offered by Polish company under commercial agency agreement and subcontracting


The company from South-Eastern part of Poland offers industrial automation services: such as programming and controlling services. The services offered can be joined with providing a wide spectrum of devices, tools, instruments and spare parts. The company is looking for commercial agency agreements and subcontracting.

Partner sought

The company is looking for business partners for commercial agency agreement and subcontracting. The international partnership types should result in, despite the type of partnership, such outcomes as acquiring and co-servicing new clients. As for the commercial agency agreement, the Company is looking for a foreign agent representing its services and products. It is expected that the foreign agent has the experience in the field. The agent is supposed to take actions to present the company’s offer: services and products on the foreign market, as well as the agent should be prepared to assist in conclud contracts, implement them in mutual partnership and maintain contacts with clients. As it comes to subcontracting, the company is offering to become a subcontractor of a foreign partner. The Polish company’s offer could be supplementing partner’s offer concerning for example programming controllers on site. The company produces its own solutions and it can also rely on foreign partner’s controllers should a particular kind of the product be requested by the final client. Terms of payments are negotiated individually.


The company is situated in the South-Eastern part of Poland. It was established in 2016 as service providing and trading company operating in the automation and pneumatics sector. It offers programming services, which can be combined as well with supplying wide range of devices, tools and spare parts. The customers’ portfolio contains industrial companies from various sectors: metal, automotive, food, energy and many more. Throughout years of company’s existence, it’s been gaining experience, also in international business cooperation: both export and import of services and goods. The firm was looking for its niche, that could benchmark the company well, which turned out to be the ability to combine services and tools and to provide items that are difficult to access or even discontinued. The company offers technological solutions in the field of control and visualization systems, i.e. programming of PLC controllers (programmable logic controller) and HMI panels (Human Machine Interface). The firm specialises in the SCADA visualization systems and full use of their capabilities. SCADA computer monitoring systems allow monitoring and control of industrial processes (remote access to the system of PLC controllers and sensors while maintaining an encrypted connection for security purposes). The main customers are industrial companies, power plants, factories using the automation of their production and those which want to have a real-time preview of the production process on any device connected with the Internet. Thanks to the products and services offered by the company, it is possible to more closely monitor the production process, and thus obtain a more predictable and standardized product. HMI operator panels play a significant role in process control. The operator can easily control all process parameters using touch screens. As it comes to trading, the products offered by the company can be grouped in: 1) Industrial automation, such as: controllers, drivers, accessory, fittings 2) Pneumatics, such as: actuators, fittings, valves, along with complete pneumatic control and technical counselling in selecting solutions working best with the machine park 3) Measuring tools, such as: certified, high-quality measuring tools and sensors for industry, callipers, micrometres and more 4) and last but not least: items discontinued or difficult to access. The company is looking mainly for commercial agency agreement or subcontracting. The international partnership types should result in, despite the type of partnership, such outcomes as acquiring and co-servicing new clients. As for the commercial agency agreement, the foreign partner should have experience in the field and should be capable of presenting the company’s offer: services and products on the foreign market, should be able to assist in concluding contracts, co-implement them and maintain contacts with clients. As it comes to subcontracting the company’s offer could be supplementing partner’s offer by, e.g. programming controllers on site at the customer's. The company can offer its own solutions or rely on partner’s controllers. Terms of payments are negotiated individually.

Advantages and innovations

• Tailor-made systems • Complex services offered: design and implementation as well as the possibility to buy tools, devices, instrument and spare parts even if they are discontinued or difficult to access • Modernisation services allowing ‘second-life’ of the machinery park of the companies • Strong impact on security of the systems • Guarantee and technical desk service • Visualisation of the system ensuring intuitive operation and functionality for its users. Products offered by company many advantages, such as: • ease of use • security of use • competitiveness towards more advanced solutions PLC controllers used to be the only possibility to control industrial automation for years. Nowadays, there are much more great possibilities of computer control, yet PLCs are still used in industry for few reasons: continuous support from producers, reliability in every situation, scalability, easy programming, compatibility with devices, performance equal to computers, IT security, copyright safety, a simple software update, less need for IT support.

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