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Portuguese company offers its services of transformation and commercialization of stone products in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Uk and Qatar, under commercial agency agreements/distribution services agreements or subcontracting.


Portuguese company with over 40 years of accumulated know-how, specialized in the processing and commercialization of granite, marble, limestone and compact quartz for construction, is looking for partners from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Qatar interested in their solutions, in order to conclude commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement or subcontracting.

Partner sought

The Portuguese company is looking for partners in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Qatar interested in a strong and long-lasting international partnership. The main partner sought are: - Architects - Companies working with interior decoration - Designers - Construction designers - Construction companies with architectural offices The Portuguese company offers its services to companies who desire to subcontract them as a stone solution supplier, in order to create an added value for the projects of its potential partners. The Portuguese company is also looking to establish a commercial agency agreement or distribution agreements, in which the potential partner can represent its products and services to new project builders.


Portuguese company from the centre region of Portugal is dedicated to the processing and commercialization of granite, marble, limestone and compact quartz for construction, providing everything from raw material (stone slabs) to a wide range of finished products (stone floors and coverings, kitchen countertops, staircases, bathroom countertops and coverings, stone columns, indoors and outdoors utility and decorative pieces, etc…). The company also has as privileged areas of its business the design and production of items for interior and exterior decoration, as well as all kinds of stone products for funeral art, namely, tombs, mausoleums, tombstones, accessories and other decorative pieces. For a better consultation on the types of products, the Portuguese company is sharing the tariff codes of the products, in order for the potential partners be able to consult the duty rates applicable to imports and exports, all applicable protective measures, external trade statistics and other import and export formalities. Tariff codes of its products: 2515, 6802 (680221, 68022300, 68022900, 68029100, 68029200, 68029290, 680293, 68029310, 680299 and 68029910) and 6815 (680100). All stonemasonry work is carried out to a high standard by their experienced and dedicated team of stonemasons. Using the latest technology combined with the experience and know-how acquired in more than 40 years of activity in this sector, the Portuguese company carries out national and international projects in a professional and efficient manner. The Portuguese company´s core business is not only the commercialization of products, but also the provision of solutions (expert technical advising) to their clients and partner’s needs, namely in the following main areas of intervention: - Construction: - Cutting, polishing and finishing using state-of-the-art technology. - Supply of all types of natural and composite stones, national and imported. - Execution of all kinds of construction work, from the design to the finished product (standard and bespoke). - Decorative Art: The company executes all kinds of works related to decorative art and interior and exterior decoration. - Funeral Art: The company performs all kinds of stone works related to funeral art, namely, tombs, mausoleums, tombstones, accessories and other decorative pieces. - Kitchen Countertops: Production of kitchen countertops tailored to each client’s needs and projects. Using its knowledge and experience in this industry to suggest the most appropriate solution for each situation. - Other Projects: Projects in other diverse areas of ornamental stone application. The Portuguese company currently exports about 10% of its production to parts of France and Luxembourg. Following a strong technological and procedural investment in its production line, it aims to increase this value to at least 35% and to cover other countries and regions, namely other regions of France and Luxembourg, Belgium, UK and Qatar. To achieve its goals, the Portuguese company is looking for strong and long-lasting international partnerships. The company is currently seeking new partners (architects, companies working with interior decoration, designers, construction designers and construction companies with architectural offices) with interest in sign commercial agency agreements / distribution agreements or subcontracting agreements.

Advantages and innovations

The company has more than 40 years of experience in the market, having a large portfolio of work carried out, covering construction industry, decorative art, funerary art and other types products for interior and exterior decoration. The company is continuously improving its services and products. Recently invested in significant technological update and upgrade of its equipment’s, having at the moment an innovative cutting, polishing and finishing integrated production line that, combined with the experience and technical skills of its human resources, allows the company to have an excellent level of efficiency and consequent increase of its client’s satisfaction. More than just supplying products, the company offers training and technical advice whenever necessary, having as a competitive advantage its accumulated know-how and the concern and care to discuss with partners the provided technical specifications in order to advise and provide the best solution to each and every project. Even though the company also works with imported stone, most of the raw material (marble, granite and limestone) comes from Portuguese quarries, being possible to apply for a certificate of provenance with a technical sheet and CE certification.

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