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A Romanian creative web design, branding and digital marketing company offers subcontracting or outsourcing agreements in corporate, brand and product identity activities


A Romanian company, specialized in providing dedicated professional web design, branding and digital marketing services offers subcontracting in creative activities for building high impact branding and personality for corporate identity and products for EU companies interested to enter or expand in Romania or elsewhere.

Partner sought

The company is looking for subcontracting and outsourcing agreements for specific activities such as branding or rebranding products, changing or creating whole corporate identity, as well as other branding, commerce and design services for a wide range of companies, institutions or others who would like to present their offer in a state-of-the-art way, complimentary to the innovativeness of their products or services, in Romania or elsewhere. The Romanian company`s expectations in terms of future successful collaborations and partnerships are to be provided with a plan of implementation of activities with a precise timeline, as well as adequate guidelines with objectives of the campaign that should be achieved. Also, when available or necessary, the company expects from its partners to provide research data for certain marketing activities, especially if those data are necessary for achieving the set goals (e.g. marketing plan, development strategy) as well as any other information such as budgets and/or financial plans of the project/campaign that will be more than welcome, in order to develop highly functional tailored successful projects.


The Romanian creative, results-driven company, specialized in multilingual web services, has a large portfolio and strong expertise in developing high-quality websites, effective branding promotion and building impact and strong online presence as well as leading campaigns to success. Due to its extensive experience and its privileged position, the company can guarantee excellent projects, tailored to the client’s needs in order to gain visibility on the web and reach the target audience. The company offers a modern approach, relevant to the latest trends of the marketing sector (e.g. eco and bio materials and solutions). The solutions that the company has provided for its customers and collaborators have proved to contribute to the increase in positive reception of the clients' products and resulted in constant sales growth. The innovative web design, branding and digital marketing Romanian company is offering to become a subcontractor, willing to perform creative services, within the frame of subcontracting or outsourcing agreements, to partners working with EU companies aiming to expand and sell their products/services in the target market. The Romanian company can develop customized online marketing strategies to achieve excellent outcomes. Moreover, the company is able to approach the most relevant commercial partners to build brand awareness. Acting as a subcontractor or under an outsourcing agreement, the company will effectively create brands, re-brand, create image, create landing pages and launch full advertising campaigns to boost sales and introduce the product successfully in Romania or elsewhere. The Romanian company`s focus is mainly on branding and web design but, over the years, it has also created several other campaigns and activities by using different adapted tools: Magento, Opencart, Prestashop, Webshop, Worldpress as well as an extensive range of printing solutions and promotional materials.

Advantages and innovations

The Romanian company is located near the Hungarian border and has had an extensive experience in cooperation with small or medium companies and multinationals from various sectors, locally as well as across the border. The company distinguish itself thanks to its successful projects, specific dedicated activities and branding campaigns for widely recognizable brands in Romania. Other advantages of the Romanian company: - over six years of relevant experience; - large portfolio of successful projects and customers; - wide variety and service offer, adapted and customized to customers` specific needs. The Romanian company is offering: - Full-service Web Development & Web Design; - Web application development; - Website renewal & Website localization ( translation, Multilingual Web Development; - Graphic Design; - Brand identity and naming; - Print design and media; - Branding and re-branding campaigns; - Product logo design and promotional materials; - E-commerce and Online Marketing; - Content Marketing; - Social Media campaigns; - SEO (Search Engine Optimization); - Market Research; - Target market intermediary services (competitor research, company approach and negotiations). The constant feedback from its clients certifies a high level of satisfaction gained through sales improvement, generated from branding promotions and online advertising.

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