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Romanian producer of dairy products is interested in manufacturing and subcontracting agreements


The Romanian company is offering its production capacity for a large variety of yogurts, milk, cream etc. for international markets. The company is interested to conclude international partnerships in the frame of manufacturing or subcontracting agreements, including the opportunity of own label production.

Partner sought

Manufacturing agreement is offered for partners e.g. producers of cheese and other dairy products, who don't have enough capacities to run all the production by themselves or who would like to outsource some of the production to a foreign partner. The Romanian company is able to produce, under partner's own label, the following types of products: Greek Yogurt (10% fats), Yogurt enriched with protein (2 types), Ayran (4 types), Fermented milk, Yogurt with fruits (pomegranate, pistachio and banana). The Romanian company is looking also partners interested in subcontracting agreements (both individual and corporate customers), for producing the above mentioned products.


The story of the company started 22 years ago, in 1996, with an import-export food business. In 1999, the company started the milk processing activity in a small dairy department, when it was launched also, across entire country, a well-known promoting brand. Currently, the company has a dairy factory in one of the North-East counties of Romania, with a milk processing capacity of 100.000 liters daily and one of the most modern technological lines existing at European level. The company started from the idea that a solid scientific basis is needed for all the technologies used in the factory, where the production of dairy products is made under own brand, by ensuring a wide range of specialists from different fields (food technology, biochemistry, medicine, electronics etc.). The manufactured products are: • ACIDOPHILE (Kefir, Buttermilk, Sana, Ayran) • BUTTER (Butter 65%, Butter 80%) • MILK (Fresh milk 1.5%, Fresh milk 3%) • YOGURT (Yogurt Cream, Dietary Yogurt, Extra Yogurt, Greek Yogurt, Natural Yogurt) • CREAM (Sour Cream, Sweet whipping) – different fats and quantities • CHEESE (Limburger cheese, Cow cheese, Cheese in Greek style, Mediterranean specialty, Processed cheese with cream, Sweet cow curd, Hard cheese, Melted cheese, Salted cheese etc.) The whole range of products is obtained by processing 100% raw milk without any additional vegetable fats. The products are manufactured, stored and transported under constant control. Product safety and quality is guaranteed by the international food certificates (ex. IFS Food - International Food Standard version 6). The team, welded over time, has put its mark on the orientation of applied technologies, directing them to obtain high-quality dairy products, providing a full safety to the consumer. There were established procedures with a direct impact on the safety of dairy products delivered to consumers, conforming to the requirements of national law in the agrofood sector, as well as those stipulated in the international agreements where Romania is included. Specialists with a high professional qualification and extensive experience, have, as permanent, the quality of the manufactured products. The company is willing to conclude a manufacturing or subcontracting agreement with partners who would like to have their dairy products manufactured under their own label. Beside specific machines, skills and technology, the entire team performs at the highest standard of quality. Concerning the production process, the company controls it entirely, from the collection of milk by its own tank trucks - which is carefully selected and monitored by veterinary experts, until the final products leave the company. This significantly contributes to ensuring the product quality and food safety.

Advantages and innovations

The main advantage would be the extensive experience in developing similar projects in partnerships with partners from Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany, with which they developed products under the brands of these partners. Also, the flexibility of the packaging and production lines, the minimum quantities required as well as the existence of a special department dealing with the development and implementation of new projects are also relevant.

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