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A metal company from Serbia, specialized in manufacturing and maintenance of processing equipment and tools for food industry, construction, chemical and other industries, is interested in manufacturing and subcontracting agreements


A Serbian company, founded in 1911, specialised in metal processing, manufacture of fabricated metal products and manufacture, installation and maintenance of processing equipment and machinery. It manufactures equipment for receipt and transport of materials, mixers of various types, metal containers and other metal products used in food, construction, chemical and other industries. The company seeks partners for manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.

Partner sought

Type: Industry Activity: The potential partner should be from metal industry, in manufacturing sector (manufacture of fabricated metal products, manufacture, installation and maintenance of processing equipment and machinery) Role: In manufacturing agreement, it is expected from the partner to have an interest to work in Serbia, to offer some products for production and which should be efficiently and effectively produced in Serbia. The potential partner should also provide specific know-how and technology in production of specific products. In subcontracting, it is expected from the partner to offer its know-how and specific products (processing equipment and machinery) that would be further integrated with supporting equipment produced and installed by the company in cooperation with potential partner and finally offered to end customer.


A Serbian company is founded in 1911. The company is specialised in metal processing, both metal and stainless steel (cutting and profiling of sheet metal, round and linear bending, welding, machining), manufacture of fabricated metal products and manufacture, installation and maintenance of processing equipment and machinery. Production: the company manufactures equipment for receipt and transport of materials (silo cells; tanks; reservoirs; screw, belt, chain conveyors; bucket elevators, filters; round vibrating bottoms; rotary distributors; rotary dispensers; rotary screens), mixers of various types (“dissolver”, flour mixer...), metal containers and other products (gear pump with heating chamber, penstocks; steel constructions; sunflower seeds huller; multi-cyclone plant; industrial ventilators, centrifugal pumps; couplings; plumbing fixtures, pipelines and pipe fittings and other). Installation: the company is in business of installation of its produced machinery and equipment as well as equipment produced by other companies (e.g. by potential foreign partner). Maintenance: the company is also in business of maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment and already installed equipment of other companies. The company is interested to find partner to build mutually beneficial long term partnership agreements. One of its goals is to expand its range of products, increase production volume and quality of services provided through experience gained in cooperation with potential business partners. The company is interested in manufacturing agreement and subcontracting. In manufacturing agreement, the company will offer its production facilities; specific machinery fleet and equipment listed above, well established brand and recognised position on Serbian market as well as rich experience in production, maintenance and installation of various processing equipment and machinery (listed above). In subcontracting a Serbian company is interested to offer, together with potential foreign partner, a “turnkey“project to end customers in Serbia and Balkans, e.g. potential partner will deliver specific equipment, technology and know-how and on the other side the company will provide (produce) related supporting equipment (e.g. conveyors, steel constructions and other) and installation services.

Advantages and innovations

The company has several advantages: - More than 100 years of experience in production, maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment, which is among the oldest companies of this type in the Balkans. - Certificates: quality control is organized and implemented according to ISO 9001:2008; certificate of recognition of workshop for manufacture and repair of shafts on board vessels; certified welders - Specific machinery fleet and equipment with the ability to further invest in new equipment: hydraulic shears for cutting sheet metal up to 3000 mm wide and 12 mm thickness – 3 pieces; gas cutting of sheet metal with pantograph (plasma) – 2 pieces; machines for circular (round) bending up to 2500 mm wide and 20mm thickness – 5 pieces; hydraulic presses for straight bending (under angle) up to 5000 mm wide and 15mm thickness – 2 pieces; hydraulic presses for pressing – 2 pieces; eccentric presses for stamping and punching – 2 pieces; straight and circular saws - 5 pieces; machines for various welding processes – 21 pieces; bridge cranes and chain lifts - 11 pieces (max 5t, range 8mx27mx5m) - Machining sector: universal lathes up to ɸ1700 mm diameter and a maximum length up to 12000 mm - 13 pieces; milling machines with dimensions of working table up to 1100x600x600 mm - 4 pieces; shaping machines with max dimensions of working table up to 2300x1200x800 mm – 3 pieces; drilling machines with dimensions of working table up to 2300x1200x700 mm - 7 pieces - The company is one of the founders and active members of Vojvodina metal cluster - During its 100 years tradition, the company built rich reference list which includes numerous large and developed Serbian and foreign companies located in Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Holland, Slovenia, Croatia etc.).

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