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Russian company specializes in the design and manufacture of special earthmoving equipment is looking for foreign partners through commercial agency agreement.


A Russian research and development company specializes in the design and manufacture of special earthmoving equipment, vibratory and drilling equipment, geophysical equipment, equipment for remediation of contaminated soils. This equipment is intended for high-quality construction of foundations, in the manufacture of concrete products, bored piles, etc. The company is looking for partners to conclude commercial agency agreements.

Partner sought

Type: SMEs, large companies, companies treatment, geological enterprises, metallurgical industry. Role: In accordance with this agreement, the partner will make a presentation of Russian products on the foreign market. The partner will have to find in his market those enterprises that need such products.


The Russian research and development company from the Tula region was founded in 1996. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of special earthmoving equipment. Employees of the company are experts and scientists of Tula central geological research institute, they take part in different Russian and international scientific conferences. All equipment is designed by the company's developers. The main types of equipment are: earthmoving equipment for excavation of dug holes, wells, for cleaning of ponds, dirt collectors, for mining minerals from under the water, etc.; vibratory equipment in mining, construction, and metallurgical industries; drilling equipment and tools; equipment for extraction and processing stones. High-frequency pneumatic vibrators are designed for high-quality vibration compaction of concrete mix in the manufacture of concrete products, construction of foundations, foundations, bored piles, piles of shells, bridge supports. Vibrators provide a circular volumetric, two-plane vibrational load with continuously adjustable intensity depending on pressure and airflow. Vibrators are simple in installation and operation, have the highest reliability and durability with any quality of compressed air (dust, dirt, water, etc.). Technical characteristic: Air pressure, from 0.5-0.9 MPa7; vibration frequency from 70 - 280 Hz; overall dimensions (diameter, length), mm100х290; weight, 12 kg. Self-propelled scraper installation is intended for mechanization of prospecting and exploratory ditches penetration up to 15 m deep. A high-pass skidder was used as a base, which allows operation in hard-to-reach areas in a populated and rugged terrain with slopes of up to 30 °, the maximum slope of the passable ditch is 15 °. The scraper installation is controlled from the tractor cab. The unloading of the bucket and the installation of the support are carried out by a hydraulic manipulator with an end grip. The equipment can be operated at ambient temperature from - 60 to + 400 degrees. In this case, the humidity and dustiness of compressed air are not regulated. The working surfaces of modern types of equipment are made of wear-resistant polyurethane, which ensures a significantly longer service life. Industrial water from industrial pumps can be used as an energy carrier. The company's equipment is widely used in construction, wastewater treatment, in the manufacture of concrete, in the study of the geological environment, etc. Over the years the company has successfully implemented hundreds of projects of various complexity in Russia and in foreign countries (CIS, countries of Eastern Europe, China). The company performs a preliminary analysis of local conditions and chooses the best technology solution and equipment for the project. The company offers training for customer's personnel to work with the equipment. The Russian company is looking for reliable partners from the geological, construction, sewage industries to conclude a commercial agency agreement. As a result of this agreement, the Russian company will enter into an agreement with a partner who will properly represent the Russian company in its market. In addition, the potential agent will make presentations and offers of Russian products for potential customers.

Advantages and innovations

- All developers of the company are scientists of a geological research institute; - The company has more than 50 Russian patents in the field of special earth-moving equipment, vibratory equipment, and other technologies. - Over 24-year experience in implementing complex projects in Russia and abroad (CIS, countries of Eastern Europe, China); - Preliminary analysis of local conditions; - Customer personnel training in the operation of new equipment; - Designing equipment to order.

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