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A Slovenian company, producer of food supplements for the active and athletes is looking for distributors abroad


A Slovenian company established in 2008 as a supplier of nutraceutical ingredients and producer of food supplements for humans and pets, has developed a new product line of food supplements for the active and athletes and is looking for distribution agreements worldwide.

Partner sought

The SME is looking for distribution service agreement partners in order to sell products to end customers – active people. It is looking for potential long-term cooperation with foreign partners in the field of sport nutrition and food supplements. The ideal candidates should be companies specializing in those two fields. They should be familiar with the industry in the country that they are based. The partner should also have first-level advisory capabilities to assist end-customers in picking the right products.


Slovenian company, founded in 2008 focuses on supplying high quality nutraceutical ingredients produced in state-of-the-art partner facilities worldwide. With complete commitment to top quality, competitive prices and excellent customer support, they established collaboration with many leading global and regional manufacturers of functional food products, beverages and food supplements. In recent years, the company expanded its business premises and increased technology capacities with the production of supplements in three of the most important departments: • Production of semi-solid cream, ointments and gels, • Production of non – sterile liquids – syrups and liquid food supplements • Production of solid food supplements, i.e. capsules. Their latest product line is intended for physically active individuals. These food supplements are based on the latest scientific findings of the needs of recreationists and active athletes. The company’s products consist of following items: - Salty caps provide electrolytes that help to reduce heat stress and muscle cramps due to sweat in the amount and form that your body can absorb. This product is ideal for athletes and physical workers. It is the only capsule containing electrolytes similar to those that are lost during physical activity (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium with added vitamin D3). The capsule is of vegetable origin and excellent for effective rehydration during trips or hiking. - Marine Magnesium is a dietary supplement with magnesium in the form of a natural marine extract obtained from purified, fresh seawater. Seawater contains the same concentration, minerals and trace elements as blood plasma. Magnesium contributes to several key physiological processes in the body. However, many athletes lack it, and much of it is lost by sweating and urination. Therefore, it is essential to add magnesium in the form of a dietary supplement. - Iron caps is a nutritional supplement for the normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. The complex of iron amino acid chelate with added vitamins represents the chosen combination for pregnant women, athletes and everyone who is lacking iron due to various causes. The packaging of iron capsules is not of animal origin, therefore it is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is also suitable for pregnant women, as it contains the required daily dose of folic acid. - Omega 3 caps have a beneficial effect on the brain and vision as well as the cardiac output. The Slovenian SME is looking for partners in the frame of distribution service agreement worldwide in order to distribute products to different actors on the market, including physiotherapists, sport stores, pharmacies, special stores with sport nutrition and others.

Advantages and innovations

Company’s innovation is the result of many years of development by experts from the fields of nutrition, sports science and kinesiology. Advantages are as follows: • Natural ingredients • Scientifically supported formulations • A controlled source of quality ingredients • No additives, fillers or other unnecessary ingredients. Company has an established and properly maintained quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for the development, marketing and procurement of food ingredients and ingredients for food supplements and requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard, taking into account HACCP in accordance with the requirements of CAC / RCP 1 -1969/2003.

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