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Slovenian SME specializing in textile printing, is offering its facilities and know-how in screen printing under manufacturing or outsourcing agreements


A Slovenian SME is specializing in the field of textile printing. In designing and developing its products, the SME makes use of the traditional technique of screen printing, and is able to print on a variety of natural textiles including cotton, jeans and linen. The company offers its facilities and specific know-how under manufacturing and/or outsourcing agreements.

Partner sought

Partners sought are in primis European SMEs interested in developing a collaboration with the Slovenian company either on a short or on a medium/long-term basis. The partner will plan orders of the products to be print-screened by the Slovenian company under manufacturing agreements. Larger companies or hotels located in any European country could also be ideal business partners, and in such case, outsourcing agreements would be a viable solution of co-operation (for instance, hotels would commission the printing of towels, blankets and blanket covers to the Slovenian company).


The SME started as a family business in 1991, and it since then gradually developed into a well-established SME on the domestic and foreign markets. The company is well recognized in the field of textile printing, and is particularly appreciated on the market thanks to its mastering of the technique of screen printing. Screen printing is a technique whereby a mesh is used for transferring ink onto a substrate, except in areas impermeable to the ink. The technique of screen printing is generally prized for its versatility, quality, and for having in the past achieved success and popularity in settings such as the Pop art culture. The Slovenian SME is currently among the few companies in Central Europe to cultivate this traditional technique and to apply it to textile products and clothing. By means of the screen printing technique, the SME produces original prints on blankets and blanket covers, towels, clothes, shirts, t-shirts, scarfs, foulards, handkerchiefs, aprons and a variety of accessories such as handbags and fashion accessories. Prints are produced on a variety of textiles and fabrics, including: cotton, jeans and linen. In addition, the company is developing its own offer of products for customers, including handbags with original motives, unique t-shirts, gifts, kitchen linen. The SME has business relations with domestic firms and shops in Slovenia as well as with firms (including hotels, restaurants etc.) located in Austria, Croatia, Italy and in the UK. The company is now looking to further expand its network, increase the number of international collaborations and find new business opportunities within the European market. Cooperation is envisaged under two possible alternatives. The company could either print its original design motives on its own textiles, thereby providing finished products to the customers (under manufacturing agreements); alternatively, the company would receive fabrics and textiles from the business partners with specified printing motives, and would then deliver back the printed product to the customer (outsourcing agreements).

Advantages and innovations

• Possibility to print original motives with creative elements (uniqueness); • The traditional technique that is being used for textile printing itself adds value to the final product - enhancing the creative elements and overall product quality that cannot be achieved through standardized digital printing; • The screen printing technique is currently rare in Europe – a technique that took centuries to develop, and this certainly adds to the appeal/attractiveness of the final product (be it a t-shirt, a blanket cover, or a scarf); • The company uses only natural dyes and environmental friendly colors, obtained from natural pigments (sustainability and environmental consciousness); • Versatility and flexibility in processing the requirements for textile printing made by customers (e.g. in comparison to larger companies, the Slovenian SME is able to print also on smaller textile surfaces); • The Slovenian SME is willing to consider the possibility to join companies that are able to match innovative printing techniques, creative design and innovative textile products with the traditional technique of screen printing with an aim to develop novel and possibly unique products on the market; • The quality of products is matched by competitive prices, thus contributing to the economic appeal of the present business offer.

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