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Ukrainian company specialized in the production of machinery for fertiliser application, cleaning, processing and loading of grain seeks distributors


A Ukrainian company produces a wide range of innovative machines for fertiliser application and post-harvest grain processing. The company seeks to expand the geography of its sales, as well as to realize the export potential of the company. The company seeks partners to establish long-term partnerships under manufacturing agreements, as well as distribution services agreements.

Partner sought

In case of manufacturing agreement. The type of partner sought: industrial companies, plants, factories. The company is ready to conclude a production agreement with large companies for production machinery for in fertiliser application, cleaning, processing and loading of grain accordance with their technical requirements. In case of distribution service agreement. Type of partner sought: agents, trading companies with knowledge and experience in the field of agricultural engineering. The role of partner sought: willingness to represent the products offered by the Ukrainian company on its respective market.


Ukrainian company was founded in 1999 and has extensive experience in the production of agricultural machinery. During this time, the company has manufactured more than 7,000 agricultural machines, successfully operating in 21 countries of the world. Production is located in the city of Lubny, Poltava region and in Kitaygorod, Dnepropetrovsk region. The total area of production is more than 37,000 square meters. The company has a dealer network in 9 countries. The company use the most up to date equipment - laser cutting and high-precision bending complexes, plasma cutting, welding robots, CNC machines, etc. The company carries out a full technological cycle of production: from metal processing to assembly and testing of finished products. The production of agricultural machinery is carried out jointly with a German company and under the supervision of German specialists. The company conducts active research in the field of agricultural engineering and has many patented developments. The successful combination of many years of experience, the most modern technologies and innovations allows us to produce unique high-quality agricultural equipment that works with maximum efficiency. Each model of agricultural machinery produced by has a number of advantages over other manufacturers. Ukrainian company produced efficient and easy to use: - 7 models of stationary grain cleaning machines; - 14 models of mobile self-moving grain cleaning machines; - 8 models of innovative self-mobile mobile grain processing complexes; - 4 models of mobile grain cleaning machines; - 20 models of fertiliser spreaders with bunker volumes from 900 to 11,000 litres; - 5 models of grain throwers; - 2 models of mounted lifts. All the equipment of the plant is certified for compliance with the requirements of current technical regulations and standards of the European Union and Ukraine. The plant has been awarded the certificate of the international competition of innovative products, the best technical solutions in the field of green economy "Green Impulse. Green Chamber Award" for the production of innovative mobile complexes that allow for the effective post-harvest processing of grain with minimal costs and without adverse effects on nature and people. This competition was held by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Government of Germany. The company is unique in Ukraine whose development has been allowed to participate in this prestigious international competition. At the exhibition, AGRO2013-2018, for the success in the development of agricultural engineering and winning the competition, the company was recognised as the best domestic producer of agricultural equipment for six years in a row and was awarded gold medals. the company also have successfully participated in many other exhibitions, and have received many other awards. The efficiency of the equipment produced by the plant is confirmed by tests carried out in the test centres of the European Union and Ukraine. The company offers its customers not only the supply of high-quality equipment of its own production on favourable terms, but also a guarantee of professional service and technical support. Even after many years of successful work, manufacturing equipment, company and dealers provide prompt diagnostics of malfunctions and their elimination. There are always components and spare parts to repair and maintain any machines in the shortest possible time. The company confidently looks to the future and is looking for new partners under manufacturing agreement to produce equipment and spare parts under partner's technical requirements and/or trade mark. The company proposes distribution service agreements to represent equipment under registered trade mark on foreign markets.

Advantages and innovations

Ukrainian company has 20 years of experience in the production of agricultural machinery and strive for continuous improvement. Specialisation in machines for post-harvest grain handling and fertilisation allows company to concentrate efforts together with German partner produce better agricultural equipment. For the first time in the world, company has designed and manufactured innovative mobile grain processing machines: 1. Self-propelled complexes of the OVS-70M model range providing simultaneous cleaning, loading and partial drying of grain with a capacity of up to 70 tons per hour. They consume only 0.25 kW / hour of electricity for cleaning, loading and drying 1 ton of grain. 2. Mobile grain cleaning machines OVS-50, which have a capacity of up to 50 t/ph and can be towed by car. They can work both in the field and in warehouses. 3. Self-propelled grain cleaning machines of the OVS-25 model line with a triple cleaning system, with a capacity of up to 25 tons per hour and the ability to load grain. Their use is 3-4 times more efficient than using stationary grain cleaning machines. For the development of the plant was awarded a certificate in the international competition of innovative products and the best technical solutions in the field of green economy. All agricultural machinery produced has a fast return on investment, an ergonomic and safe construction, simple and convenient operation, low energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs, high quality and reliability, and meets European standards. The company annually participate in exhibitions, it was recognised as the best agricultural machinery manufacturer in Ukraine for 6 years. The company has the most modern equipment, a full production cycle, own design office and extensive experience in export deliveries. Company provides delivery, support dealers, guarantee.

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