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Ukrainian engineering company offers manufacture of automatic control cabinets for different technological and industrial processes under manufacturing agreement


This Ukrainian engineering company has been working for 17 years in the Ukrainian and Polish markets. The company offers individual electric cabinets for different branches: - switchboards - compensation cabinets - excitation cabinets - industrial automation cabinets The company is interested in manufacturing agreements.

Partner sought

The company is looking for a production or trading company of the European Union countries, reliable partners, who work in the field of manufacturing, industry, and metalworking. The potential partner should be interested to make orders on the design and manufacture of industrial equipment.


The Ukrainian company is electrical engineering company with wide range of electrical design, installation, repair and optimization solutions for private houses and large commercial enterprises. The company are working in the field of generation, transmission and distribution of electrical energy and automation of engineering processes. The company place the greatest importance on safety, quality and service to clients in a cost-effective manner. The Ukrainian company works following next plan: 1) Analysis 2) Design 3) Service 4) Installation The company use vision of Industrial 4.0. The main benefits in this vision are: - Integrated approach. Company ensure the unity of all complex solutions for the full functioning of the system. - Innovations. Company are constantly following new trends and innovations in the field of engineering solutions. -Specificity and Effective. Corporate culture is effective in realization to satisfy the needs of the customers in Agile style. -In time. Company works in measurable time. The Ukrainian company works in following ways: 1. Development of technical solution according to technical specification provided by the customer (including all process: from design to finished product). 2. Production of a cabinet according to the technical specification (schemes) provided by the customer. The company offers: 1. Design of external and internal power supply and electric lighting up to 750 kV. 2. Electrical installation work up to 110 kV. 3. Manufacture of electric service panels and dry transformers up to 20 kWt. 4. Automation of industrial processes: hydro-electrical power plant, wind power and solar power stations (HPP, WPS, SPS). 5. The company executes projects and provides complex solutions and implements of: Excitation Systems for Synchronous Generators (SG); Compensation system for asynchronous generators (AG) reactive energy; Programming PLC (Programmable logic controller); Installation of electrical network analyzers; Management of electric energy distribution; Measurements of water storage reservoirs depth, fluid level, fluid and gas pressure, temperature modes of mechanisms; Motor control (installation of frequency control drives into asynchronous motors); Network protection against high harmonics; Visualization system for industrial processes (HMI) (Human Machine Interface); Development of SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition); Object management over the Internet; Machine vision. 6.Another actual direction is manufactures automatic control cabinets for different technological and industrial processes. The company is interested in manufacturing agreement. The company wants to conclude manufacturing agreements, because the company aims to load the design department, ensure the work of production facilities and executes serial orders.

Advantages and innovations

In the beginning of 2019 year were implemented ISO 9001:2015 - quality management system. All equipments are new and modern. The last test of each manufactured cabinet made by certified measuring instruments. The cabinets can be filled with materials by well-known brands, it provides reliable device work. The choice of parts of a particular manufacturer will depend on the conditions operation (environment, number of working changes in the enterprise, required trouble-free service life of installation). According to a single-line or schematic diagram from the customer, the company makes a 3D model of the cabinet, that makes its impossible (reduces) the occurrence of errors during the manufacture. If the cabinet has a controller company can program them. According to technical assignment, company can produce a full set of documents (single-line diagram, schematic diagram, explanatory note, project, instruction, passports, CE certification, algorithms for PLC (Programmable logic controller), HMI (Human Machine Interface), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system on PC

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