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London-based educational technology (EdTech) company is looking for cultural and creative partnerships


The London-based specialises in virtual reality educational technology. The company combines culture with school curriculum and connects children with cultural education inspired by creative and historic institutions across the world. The company's mission is to use technology to bridge the gap of arts and culture accessibility and is seeking cultural partners to be featured in their education game under a service, license or joint venture agreement.

Partner sought

The company is looking for creative and cultural partners to feature within the EdTech platform. These partners can be from various sectors of cultural education--ranging from historic sites and houses, cultural institutions, galleries, archives, libraries, creative funds, or arts charities. They are looking for institutions looking to promote digital content, increase audience attendance, and educational outreach through virtual reality. The company is able to portray themes, such as ancient Egypt, events such as an event in World War I, or transatlantic trade, objects such as paintings and sculpture, etc. The company aims to feature at least three objects from the partner within the level (one level means one gamified digital experience, for example, one thematic adventure featuring up to ten 10 artefacts or objects would be considered a level) The role of the partner would be to collaborate together to create the company-specific level that showcases the history and knowledge of the chosen site/ object/ artefact/ event. This collaboration can be as hands-on/off as they see fit. The only requirements of the cultural partner would be an agreement of partnership, images/scans of artefacts to be featured within the level, agreement on the narrative of the level, branding guidelines from the partner, and any additional education information they would provide. The company is open to cultural institutions to have a more collaborative role in the process and welcome co-authorship of the level and incorporation of the educational department within the creation. The agreement is ranging from free to paid services. This allows museums to have the range of options of on-boarding with the company's platform for free, all the way to having a bespoke experience package they can sell for retail in their shops. The benefits for the partners range from: expanding outreach globally, attracting and retaining the youth audience, and further digitalising their collections, to the opportunity to learn about the audiences through our data insights and gain revenue shares from the co-creation. With our platform, we allow cultural partners to: • Create an addition revenue stream • Showcase information in an exciting, interactive, and educational way • Promote their collections and artifacts through outreach and global presence • Measure impact with our data analytic feedback • Engage and understand the youth demographic • Connect with visitors before, during, and after their visit, prompting retention


The London-based company provides a virtual reality (VR) EdTech platform where culture meets curriculum. The company provides an app-based programme that requires a smart phone and existing off-the-shelf cardboard for a child to be transported into a world of culture. Their product can be tailored to children between the ages of 5-13, and they are able to provide the experience in various languages and dialects. Through the latest in immersive technology, children can adventure through curriculum-led quests and explore gamified content inspired by museums across the world. On the back-end of their platform, parents and educators will be able to track their children's learning trajectory through a series of data metrics being refined by the company's academic research. The company is looking for cultural institutions-- UNESCO heritage sites, historic houses, museums, galleries, and archives--to be featured in the platform. This will not only expand the institution's outreach and educational extension, but it will also allow children all over the world to experience the knowledge firsthand through virtual reality. The company aims at sparking creativity, expand knowledge, and helping shape global citizenship in children. The company is looking to sign service, license or joint venture agreement. They are able to offer the partnerships ranging from free to paid services. More details are included in the “Partnerships sought” section.

Advantages and innovations

The company offers more than just a digital experience, it is key to unlocking a child's world of culture. In addition, the company's technological innovations include a bespoke movement style allowing for full immersion and freedom of movement without the need of controllers or expensive virtual reality equipment. The company is part of the EU Development Fund and a prominent Educate Programme in London. In addition, they have been recognised by universities London-wide along with entrepreneurship bodies such as Founder's Factory F-Factor, World Labs Elevating Ideas Finalist, and NACUE finalist. The company has successfully trialled their product with educators and a UK-based school, which will allow them to further test their data feedback metrics and learning outcomes. They currently have one museum partner in London.

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