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UK company seeks commercial agents in the expansion of their medical health predictor platform


UK company has developed a medical health predictor platform and is seeking a commercial agency agreement to enable them to enter into new territories. The company is seeking to expand its platform into the area of pharmaceuticals and health insurance by supporting decision making at different stages of clinical trials or the prediction of longevity based on risk factors.

Partner sought

The UK company is seeking a commercial agent to source partners who can support them to access new markets with the aim of expanding the simulation software into both the public sector and private sector in areas of pharma and health insurance.


The UK company has developed a health predictor platform that can produce information to forecast future demands within the healthcare sector. The company is seeking a commercial agency agreement with agents who have experience in the healthcare and insurance sector to represent them in entering into new territories. This platform could be a vital tool within the healthcare sector in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical companies and private practices in the prediction of what drugs are required and also providing an indication of the cost which will be required for the treating of patients. The platform could focus on chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, liver disease, and others, as well as their related risk factors (e.g. obesity, alcohol, physical inactivity, air pollution). This service could be beneficial to pharmaceutical companies, health insurers, government, biotech, academia, or health focussed not-for-profit organisations. The platform could also assist insurance companies with the identifying of high-risk clients enabling them to decide if they want to offer them insurance due to the potential cost to the insurance companies when they have to pay out on claims. The platform can model populations of up to 100 million people over future decades, then explore how different kinds of health risks (such as obesity, smoking or air pollution) which might affect them. The platform can create virtual populations to help answer complex population health questions for real-world decision making, on the impact of interventions. The UK company has acquired the assets of the UK Health Forum's microsimulation modeling unit which has been developed over the last decade. The platform will allow the health sector users of the platform to analyse the health trends now using the data produced, and be able to create an accurate prediction of what the healthcare demands are going to be, this will be vital in the prevention and treatment of patients in the future. The platform works dynamically, so it does not just copy and paste the present into the future. Because it's a microsimulation, it individually follows all of the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people their clients need to understand. This lets their clients track real change, showing how their chosen population's health will evolve and transform over time. The companies simulation and analysis expertise turn tomorrow's population health questions into today's focussed, specific, actionable decisions. The platform will enable patients to work with their practitioners to understand and explore their population health questions and challenges over the decades to come, with the aim of them implementing the necessary life changes to reduce health conditions in the future. The platform can be adapted to include a variety of health interventions, innovations, and policy changes that can impact those questions and challenges. enabling clients to decide on the most effective, transformative ways of responding to them. The team is a unique, highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team of: 1. Data scientists 2. Epidemiologists 3. Mathematicians 4. Population health & policy research experts 5. Software engineers specialist in developing and overseeing of this platform.

Advantages and innovations

The advantage of using a microsimulation approach is that it can simulate entire populations (50-100million individuals) to provide more granular and accurate estimates of the future burden of chronic disease. Interventions can be applied to provide granular, and accurate estimates of the real-world impact of that new drug, medical device, policy, or screening intervention. The benefits of the platform have been featured in the following medical publications : "Estimating the costs of air pollution to the National Health Service and social care - an assessment and forecast up to 2035" "The future burden of obesity-related diseases in the 53 world health organisations - European-Region countries and the impact of effective interventions: a modeling study " " Modeling the long-term health and cost impacts of reducing smoking prevalence through tobacco taxation in Ukraine"

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