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EUREKA - Intelligent Enterprise Manager software: Looking for project partner to develop financial software


The Entrepreneurship center is first the entrepreneurship center in Croatia that connects entrepreneurship with innovative technologies in socially responsible and profitable projects.Intelligent Enterprise Manager is a financial software for simple reporting, planning and analysis, software which doesn't only provide information but also helps in decision making within all levels of the company. They are looking for another SME to help them to develop prototype and test it in their country.

Partner sought

The company is looking for project partner with similar company activities as theirs (SME<10 employees, or SME 11-50). Objectives of project proposal are: • to develop single solution for financial planning, reporting and analysis • Speed up the process of decision making in companies • Finding a partner with specific skills, resources and knowledge to apply for Eureka programme grant and to develop a strong international partnership Specific activities where partner would be involved are: verification of market analysis and market needs, prototyping, testing, adaption and completion of product to market requirements and testing product with potential customer. Partner field of expertise: management, financial management, understanding financial processes, accounting and bookkeeping in their country, new technologies, digitization, entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship center is founded in Croatia, Split with the primary goal to develop educational services and innovative tools which will facilitate the management of different organizations contributing to the economic and sustainable development of communities where they are active. With their expertise and experience, using new technologies and encouraging cooperation, they provide their clients and partners with accurate information, developing their strategies, helping them fulfill their goals and increase their competitiveness. At the moment the company employs four women, and in the next quarter, they plan to hire two more persons who will work on their project proposals. The accuracy and timeliness of decision making have a critical impact on the operations of the companies. Dynamic environment and rapid changes to which companies need to adapt their businesses lead to continually seeking new opportunities which will increase the competitiveness and enable more efficient management of their resources. Businesses today are faced with spending more time analyzing and less time processing. Based on the characteristic of modern business and project reporting its result of their clients' needs and requests. The solutions allows to better understand your plans and business expenses in a completely new way making analysis and reports for all main areas. It will enable display and filtering the different dimensions, the prognosis of cash flow analysis, controlling production and the depth of view to the level of individual transactions and entrepreneurial projects. With the Intelligent Enterprise Manager, you can plan in real-time, make financial analysis faster, facilitate compliance, and produce reports that install confidence and reduce risk. Project is divided in two main activities: Research & Development where each one of them last 12 months. EUREKA is a program that encourages small, medium and large enterprises to collaborate with international partners in launching R&D activities The primary objective of the EUREKA program has been to start companies investing in R&D activities, thereby seeking their innovation capacity. EUREKA encourages the collaboration and pooling of entrepreneurial resources to develop innovative and globally competitive products, processes or services through international collaboration. They are looking for SME project partner who has similar activities as their and to whom would be interesting to offer application testing to its clients. Also they expect from project partners to give them feedback on application development and testing. The next Eureka deadline is in April 2020.

Advantages and innovations

Advantage of one financial platform that allows access to actuals immediately so it is possible to compare plan variances instantaneously. It saves time and reduce errors with a single, integrated solution and a consistent user experience for plans and actuals across the enterprise. Real-time data access: provides fast issue resolution and gets closer to the business using ISO SEPA XML format of bank statements. Single environment: Performs a planning and actuals activities in one financial system Delivered content: Accelerates innovation and reduce the cost of implementation by getting up Responsiveness and deep insight: Closes the gap between idea and action Enhanced visualization: Gains top-of-the-line visualization capabilities using the user experience and business intelligence tools Integrated financial planning: Integrates financial plans across the enterprise with a single tool for collaboration across the finance function Harmonized processes and data: Uses standard procedures across plans and actuals in one software system (consistency between plan and actual data) Foundation for finance transformation and innovation: Takes a smooth path to finance transformation

Development stage

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