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Sub-micron accurate, infrasonic (ultra-low frequency) vibration and absolute movement sensor


A small Armenian based company has developed a motion sensor for extremely slow and/or quasi static movements. Advantages over conventional position (motion) sensors are increased sensitivity and ultra-wide bandwidth at very low frequencies (less than 0.001 Hertz), small size and light weight. Industrial and research institute partners wanted for further industrial development. The company is looking for a license agreement, as well as technical cooperation agreement.

Partner sought

Company seeks industrial and research institute partners interested in further Industrial development of the proposed sensor for license agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


An Armenian company has developed motion sensors which can be produced at reasonable cost with high sensitivity in the sub 2 Hz region that can also sense below the current 0.001 Hz frequency limit and have great value for scientific, medical, military and industrial applications. Absolute position or motion sensors are sensors that are utilized in the frequency region between 20 Hz (Hertz or cycles per second) and 0.001 Hz. There are many applications for sensors in this frequency region, called infrasonic, such as earthquake prediction and monitoring, charting of below earth surface geologic formations, mining, medical equipment, border/zone security systems, etc. However, due to technology limitations, infrasonic sensors have greatly reduced sensing capability when utilized in applications from 2 Hz to 0.001 Hz. Furthermore, while commercial, medical and military applications exist, there are unfortunately no sensors that have sensing capability below 0.001 Hz. The proposed sensor’s design applies a new approach to sensing at extremely low frequencies while maintaining high sensitivity. It measures absolute position as a reference, and then measures any movements with respect to the reference position. Therefore, a movement is measured in units of length (nano meters), and if the movement is repeated, then it measures the movement as a function of time. Since the sensor is primarily an absolute position sensor, the signal generated is directly proportional to distance measured in nano meters; therefore, the first and second derivatives of the signal yields the speed and acceleration of the target, respectively. The sensor also possesses sensing capability to 1 nano meter with resolution capable of sensing movements, shifts, or vibrations in the ground (ground surface, tunnels or mines), underwater or air currents. The proposed sensor can be designed for six (6) decades of operation (e.g., from 1 nm to 1 mm) within its seven (7) decade frequency spectrum. Proposer has 7 PhD Physicists, 2 MS degree Electronics Engineers. The Chief Technology Officer has a Doctoral Degree in Physics and Engineering, 6 patents, 117 published technical papers and 25 years experience devoted to the development of the proposed sensor. The company is looking for license agreement and by this agreement the Armenian company will give licensee the right to produce and sell the sensors. The company also is looking for technical cooperation agreement for further development of the sensors.

Advantages and innovations

Superior sensor performance attributes translate to the following capabilities of interest to the end user: (1) Improved sensitivity equates to 7-15 times longer than geophone “foot-step” detection range (150-225 meters versus 10-30 meters) on the earth’s surface and 10 times further within the earth’s surface (tunnel activity detection, earthquakes, mining, geologic exploration); (2) Ultra-wide six decade frequency bandwidth (including, extreme low frequency capability – 0.0001 to 2 Hz) and down to 1 nano meter resolution enables system to differentiate target signatures, and allows artificial intelligence in detection and recognition, as well as classification capabilities. Geophone do not have sufficient bandwidth to provide recognition and classification capability; (3) The sensor can sense extremely slow moving targets (quasi-static) such as the slow sag rate of a large bridge, the slow crawl of an intruder toward a secure border or the slow growth rate of crystals in a manufacturing process; (4) The sensor’s superior performance and simple design translates to low production and acquisition costs, thus enabling it to be used in a wide variety of applications and products that the geophone technology cannot be competitive. Some examples of applications for this sensor are: • Border or zone security, • Medical diagnostic equipment

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