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Innovative software technology for law enforcement and decision making in traffic management


ICT company based in Bosnia and Hercegovina offers innovative technology for law enforcement and decision making in traffic management that includes video-surveillance, asset management, case management and document management systems, which makes it a unique and comprehensive solution for better, smarter and safer civil environment. The company is looking for partnership via commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or technical cooperation.

Partner sought

The B&H company is looking for partners in the field of ICT that already provide solutions for public sector institutions, preferably ministries of internal affairs. Role of the partner: - In Commercial agreement with technical assistance, it is expected from the partner to commercialize this technology within their geographical area, - In License agreement, it is expected from the partner to integrate this technology within their complementary software solution, - In Technical cooperation agreement it is expected to jointly develop a customized version of the software solution to meet the local regulations and requirements.


A software development company from B&H founded in 2013 is specialized for customized, complex business solutions development based on Microsoft .NET technologies. It currently employs 17 experts working mainly with security institutions, ministries of internal affairs and insurance companies worldwide. This technology addresses the problem of preventing and early detection of stolen, suspect or unregistered vehicles. It also greatly reduces a national and public security risk caused by the lack of data exchange and unified databases. Other solutions currently available on the market provide only partial solutions for aforementioned problems which makes this technology unique and innovative solution. This technology represents a proactive information system for law enforcement which helps to increase public and national security, fighting crime and corruption, and enables economic and productivity growth. It is a modular system which integrates multiple layers of databases, registers, police logic and processes, IoT (Internet-of-Things) and capturing devices into a powerful process orchestrating center. Thus, it provides real time data management, automatized and semi-automatized processes, increased electronic communication, task management and overall increased quality of service. The system consists of the following modules: - Case management: Information and task coordination which enables user to create or read a record (incident, traffic accident) and assign a task to police officer with specific orders. - Data: Different database integration into a single user interface, for example local and remote database integration (suspects and their vehicles data, stolen vehicles and plates, traffic violations register, etc.). - Mobile police: Seamless communication and data exchange, real time alerts and task distribution. - GPS: Real time police vehicle and officer monitoring that enables real time tracking and productivity reports. - IoT: By using IoT sensors and capturing devices this module provides proactive alerts for spotted stolen vehicles, plates, unregistered vehicles, etc. - Auto process: automatic processing of spotted unregistered vehicle, fine printing and status management. - Proactive safety: speed tracking, grey and black list generation, speeding, red light violations, wrong lane violations, traffic congestion, etc. - Standard Police reports – A whole subsystem of reports and data management which enables documenting every single event, regardless if it is a violation, misdemeanour, incident or traffic accident. - Asset management – Helps Police organize their internal resources (vehicles, uniforms, guns, etc) The key benefits: - Increase of traffic and public security - Drastical decrease of corruption - Traffic discipline enforcement - Violation procedures automatization - Active crime prevention - Centralized database - Traffic counter - Fast search and data filtration - Prompt alarming The company is interested in finding partners for: - commercial agreement with technical assistance (the company will offer assistance to commercialize this technology within partner’s geographical area) - technical cooperation agreement (the company will offer its knowledge and know-how to jointly customize the software to meet the local regulations and requirements). - license agreement (the company will also offer technical assistance in order to integrate this technology within partner’s complementary software solution).

Advantages and innovations

Main advantages of the system are real time data management and video processing. Unlike other competitive solutions, this technology combines several functionalities in comprehensive system: the power of video management, case management, asset management and document management systems to provide full intelligence insight for every police case. Furthermore, it is accompanied with a mobile application which provides police officers with real-time data about vehicle which is approaching so they can make a fast decision and exclude it from the traffic. Weather it is a criminal, unlicensed vehicle, wanted vehicle or potential terrorist, system alerts the officers and helps them do their job much more efficiently.

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