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Innovative and dynamic groundwater skimming solution on offer for soil remediation


A Belgian SME, active in the soil remediation, developed a patented solution to eliminate, by vacuum skimming, the pollutants floating on the aquifers. The solution has some major competitive advantages versus other skimming technics such as the adaptability to level variations or to free phase texture. The company does guaranty the elimination of 100% of any free phase present into the wells. They're looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: Sanitation companies - Specific area of activity of the partner: Environment - groundwater remediation, soil decontamination, brownfield remediation, etc. - Task to be performed by the partner sought: The partner should be on the lookout for skimming alternatives to treat contaminated groundwater. As sanitation company, the partner would have a role of project manager for the implementation within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The partner could also be a consultancy firm and, as environmental consultancy firm, the role would be to recommend the technology to clients in the need.


A Belgian SME, active in the soil remediation by skimming, is looking for partners. Active in the sector for more than 15 years, the company is specialised in on-site elimination of free phase LNAPL (Light Non Aquaeous Phase Liquid) supernatant on an aquifer. Indeed, they spent few years to develop a patented technology that enables to literally suck up the pollutants while pumping very little water. This innovative solution, already on the Belgian, French and South African markets, is complementary to others decontamination technologies such as soil or water treatments. Therefore, it can be easily integrated into a comprehensive solution for the remediation of a polluted site. Concretely, after an accident or historical hydrocarbon soil pollution, the polluted site has to be cleared. The solution of the Belgian company is applicable when the LNAPL has reached the aquifer, creating a floating free phase to be eliminated. Another major requirement is that the soil must be permeable to enable the product free phase to reach the wells. Actually, the solution includes: - 2 or 4-inch wide skimmers - a pumping unit for 1 to 40 wells - a storage unit A skimmer is composed of different parts. The main one being a floater. In practice, when the skimmer is placed into the well, the floater positions itself at the intersection of the water and the pollutants. The great value of the Belgian company patented skimmers resides into some major competitive advantages: - Floater follow the variation of the groundwater level to up to 2.5m - Eliminate very thin free phase - Eliminate very viscous free phase (up to like liquid honey) - Very little water pumped The pumped product is sent it to a storage unit. According to the soil permeability, the Belgian company determines the frequency of the pump cycles. As an option, the installation can be anti explosion proof and, effluent water and air can be treated through active carbon. Today, the company is looking for partnering opportunities in Europe. The partnerships sought could be operated within the framework of commercial agreements with technical assistance. Actually, the company is mainly looking for sanitation companies on the lookout for skimming alternatives. The Belgian company would rent the equipment and transmit its know-how to the partner. So, the partner would have a role of project manager for the implementation and would ensure maintenance, reporting, measures, client contacts, etc. They're also looking for environmental consultancy firms interested in recommending the technology to clients in the need. Here are some references: - Renault - Audi - Electrabel - GDF Suez - BP - TOTAL - Kuwait Petroleum Belgium (Q8) Here are some environmental consultancy firms: - VEOLIA - SITA – Suez Environnement - AECOM

Advantages and innovations

The technology: - is a unique dynamic skimming technology for eliminating 100% of the free phase using vacuum suction - eliminates very thin free phase - eliminates very viscous free phase (up to like liquid honey) - allows a continuous adjustment of the floater to the changes of groundwater level up to 2.5m variation - pumps a very low volume of water so, little effluent volume to treat - is insensitive to dirt and needs very low maintenance - can be connected of up to 40 wells per pumping unit - has a very low energy consumption

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