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Bulgarian company, developer of patent-protected electronic control unit - EMS (electromagnetic system) circuit breaker, needs financing under financial or joint venture agreement to start its production


A Bulgarian SME has developed an innovative, patent-protected circuit breaker, with zero electricity consumption while operating. The device is lighter, cheaper and keeps the parameters of power supply network. Indirectly helps the reduction of the emitted CO2. There is a developed prototype of the circuit breaker. The company is looking for industrial partners to collaborate through joint venture or financial agreements for testing, development and industrial manufacture of the product.

Partner sought

The company is interested in the exploitation of the know-how and the commercialization of the innovative circuit breaker, so it is looking for industrial partners to collaborate through joint venture agreement or financial agreement, in order to test, further develop the product and commercialize it. The partners should ideally be from the sector of electrical engineering and especially producers of circuit breakers. They are expected to have enough knowledge on this subject to understand the innovative solutions applied in this EMS circuit breaker and to estimate the prospects for return of the financial investments for the implementation of the project.


This Bulgarian inventor SME is working in the energy management sector. One of its R&D projects is about the development of circuit breaker with zero electricity consumption while operating. The device is an essential part of any starting mechanism for electric power driven machines, including high power electrical machines and equipment. It is integrated into the control panel and is the connection between the start/stop command button and the machine or equipment itself. The circuit breaker is intended for use in any industry - lifting devices, flow lines, industrial furnaces, lathes, milling machines and any other machine driven by electric motors. The standard products of this type normally consume electricity when switched to “ON” position. The definitive feature of this innovative EMS device is that it doesn`t consume electricity when turned to “ON” position. Having in mind that in European Union, according to preliminary data there are about 100 million contactors in operation, the zero energy consumption of EMS will effect into huge saving of electric energy. The proposed solution leads to further development of a more secure electricity supply grid and decreases the emissions of CO2 (carbon dioxide). And the lower consumption of energy improves the manufacturing processes efficiency and leads to increased profits. At present, the company owns a certified and officially registered patent for invention by the Patent Office of Bulgaria. The offered innovative electromagnetic system is the integral element of a complete product. The innovative EMS can be purchased separately and installed conveniently in an existing contactor outside or at factory. The company has fabricated a functioning prototype, ready for testing; they can organize production in 6 months. The company offers this project to industrial partners for collaboration through joint venture or financial agreement for testing of the product, its further development and commercialization on the market. Estimates for necessary steps to launch production: - Specialized equipment worth about € 1.5 million. - Personnel - 40 persons - Timeline to start manufacturing – 6 months - Monthly production of about 80 000 pcs /depending on the orders/. - Expected profit around € 0.56 / piece.

Advantages and innovations

The proposed innovative EMS for circuit breaker, protected by a registered invention patent, features several advantages: - In operating position it practically does not consume energy from the power network; - It has lightened production of the metal parts; - Cheaper raw materials; - Less weight; - Lower cost; - Does not deteriorate the quality parameters of the power supply unit; - Respectively lower levels of carbon dioxide; - And more efficient energy system.

Development stage

Prototype available for demonstration

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Patents granted,Trade Marks

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