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Power unit technology: Multi-sources micro co-generation unit


Czech university department focusing on R&D in the field of alternative power sources has developed a prototype solution of a multi-source micro co-generation unit for installation in housing estates to replace partial installation solutions of power sources with one centralized device. The university is looking for an investor for the sale of the licence and further cooperation on the placing the device on the market based on manufacturing and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The EU company or investor should be willing to form a Licence agreement, Manufacturing agreement or Commercial cooperation agreement with technical assistance. The role of the partner will vary depending on the nature of the collaboration that is established: • Licence agreement - the partner and the EU company would be given authorisation to use the licensed material and IPRs results. • Manufacturing agreement can open mutual exchange of information (all possible under confidentiality agreements). • Commercial - Outsourcing agreement - the partner should be willing to work together closely focusing to launch of developed device as the early market product.


The Czech university department is offering cooperation in commercializing their innovative solutions. The multi-source power unit developed by Czech university department is intended primarily for applications in housing estates and, where appropriate, for small, less energy-intensive manufacturing sites and plants. The unit's main target is to replace partial installation solutions of power sources for the production of thermal and electrical energy in housing estates with one centralized device, a modular multi-source unit with several inputs. The unit is able to ensure a highly efficient supply of electric and thermal energy to a user with technologies that use renewable energy. The unit allows to supply the produced electrical energy directly to a user (an object) for power consumption or, in a time when the output power is not fully consumed by the user, it enables its supply to the distribution network. In the case of the production of thermal energy, the energy is used either to cover the energy consumption of an object for its heating or to produce hot water. The unit consists of a few basic components, or more precisely of several energy subsystems. A motor-generator unit (MG), which is the basic energy source of the device, can be considered to be the key subsystem. Natural gas or other commonly available gas fuels can be used as fuel of the MG unit. A part of the exhaust pipe is used as a thermal water flue gases exchanger, which is the main source of the unit’s heat. Electrical power from the generator of the MG unit is suitably led to the desired system. To modify a parameter of the generated electrical power to the desired network parameters by the generator, an integrated power inverter is used. The heat pump (HP) is another energy subsystem of the power unit. It is integrated for the purpose of highly efficient production of thermal energy. The heat pump is designed as a hybrid type with several independent compressors that allow their operational switching. A combined storage system is a part of the device for ensuring continuous supply of electrical energy and heat. First of all, it is the thermal energy accumulation unit (TEAU), which ensures efficient accumulation of thermal energy generated by production units of the device and the production of hot water. Further, it is the electrical energy accumulation Unit (EEAU), which ensures the accumulation of electrical energy generated by the device, or more precisely by its subsystems. The EEAU is implemented through the accumulators. The TEAU ensures the connection of heat exchangers or direct connection of the MG, HP and STEU units. The TEAU also enables the consumption of supplied or accumulated thermal energy for the underfloor heating and production of hot water. As peripheral power units of the device, the basic version uses the solar thermal energy unit (STEU), which ensures the production of heat and its supply to the TEAU and further the photovoltaic system (PVS), which ensures the production of electrical energy contributing to the overall energy balance of the device. The university is looking for industrial partners specialised in business related to manufacturing of multi-source micro co-generation unit and offers license agreement, manufacturing agreement and/or commercial agreement with technical assistance. The university department will support the partner by creating all necessary technical documentation and providing professional advice services. The EU company or investor should be willing to form a licence agreement in case if the partner wants to use authorisation for licensed material and IPRs results; manufacturing agreement in case of mutual exchange of information; commercial - outsourcing agreement for long-term close cooperation

Advantages and innovations

The solution of the power unit allows a user’s connection, link and control of energy flows of a combination of energy sources selected by a user, the operation and energy production of which is controlled by the unit for the purpose of optimization of costs to combined production/consumption of electric energy and heat from both the primary and from renewable resources. Since the developed device offers a possibility and also a user combinability with the currently popular sources using renewable resources, it provides a wide range of choices and a potential in energy self-sufficiency development for potential users. The developed power unit offers a technological innovative solution allowing: • the possibility to easy connect disparate energy technologies into one energy unit of the energy system), • the possibility to easy connect all energy sources or the power unit to energy distribution networks and also to a supplied object or its part, • an optional combination of energy sources, • a reduction of the user’s energy dependence • co-generation of energy with an easy modifiability and adjustability of the unit to maximize the effects resulting from local subsidies, • the possibility of a user option of the settings for the global control parameter of the energy unit: economy/performance, • the use of the power unit as a distributed source in intelligent networks, • the modularity of the device or its components (energy resources) according to the user’s preferences and area of installation.

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