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Development of custom remote industrial monitoring and control solutions for infrastructure, factories, plants and industrial sites offered for commercial partnerships


A Czech company offers custom remote monitoring and control solutions based on its proprietary hardware and software framework. The company is looking for design, architecture, engineering, project management consultancy agencies, and system integrators dealing with facility management interested in including the offered system in their product and services portfolios. The primary focus of the company is building long-term partnerships based on commercial or technical cooperation agreements.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: The SME is looking for design, architecture, engineering or project management consultancy companies, and system integrators focused on facility management interested in including the offered system in their product and services portfolios. Cooperation expected: In the case of commercial agreement with technical assistance: The SME in cooperation with the local partner, will deliver the solution, install the system and train staff. In the case of technical cooperation agreement: The SME together with the client develop turnkey solutions according to their client’s needs.


The Czech company designs and builds custom monitoring and control solutions. The use cases are as follows: - Incorporating “Industry 4.0” principles in their operations - Monitoring whether a facility is operating within the design parameters and analytics - Environmental monitoring and control - Power supply monitoring and control - Access-control, remote CCTV (Closed-circuit TV) - Reducing staff costs for the routine operations, such as taking data readings, testing sensors, travel time to location - Upgrade of an existing obsolete monitoring or data logging setup The key principles offered by the custom monitoring and control solutions: 1. Efficiency The SME employs flexible system architecture where leverages the synergy of low-cost reliable sensors, modern industrial computers and system integration with complementary solutions. 2. Reliability Using own approach the SME designs systems with proven reliability, surpassing that of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), stemming from its long-term air navigation and airport industry pedigree. 3. Security The SME implements next-generation security control for Internet protocol (IP) - based traffic and leverage analogue data interfaces. Specific features: 1. Real time remote monitoring, data acquisition & data logging: - Voltage, current, frequency - Active, reactive, full electrical power - Active, reactive, full consumed energy of asymmetric loads - Status of switches, cut-outs, safety devices - Positions of flaps - Analogue and digital electric signals - Air temperature, relative humidity, dew-point, wind speed / direction - Vessel temperature, pressure, liquid level - CO2 concentration - Vibration/noise levels 2. Remote control: - Complex automated control actions based on monitored parameters, such as, enabling a secondary power supply, alarm activation, motor start-up control, etc. - Sub-second response times (for local devices) - Operators can manually override or activate controls on demand, for example, in the case of planned maintenance 3. User interface & user management: - Graphical user interface representing the controlled equipment functionality: electrical schemes or process flow - Data reports, graphs and summaries - Access control lists and privilege management for granular control The company in the case of commercial agreement with technical assistance - in cooperation with the local partner - will deliver the solution, install the system and train staff. In the case of technical cooperation agreement, the company together with the client develop turnkey solutions according to their client’s needs.

Advantages and innovations

The key benefits of the monitoring & control system are: - Bespoke design for each individual use case - The system can be retrofitted on top of the existing equipment. Individual modules can be interfaced with existing sensors reducing the costs of installation - Independent & autonomous monitoring of existing process control systems - Suitable for spatially distributed sites or sites with remote locations thanks to the modular architecture - Advanced capabilities with minimal costs of sensors and control hardware due to the use of industrial computers. - Detection of equipment faults at early stages - Power consumption optimisation - Advanced secure communication - Active network monitoring, data delivery verification, data-bottleneck redundancy – no data is lost. Industrial computers with BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) - based operating systems, which are at the core of the each module, provide the next generation capabilities while reducing the amount of hardware required to perform a given task, since PLCs (PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers) could be eliminated from the setup. Hence, reducing the footprint and cost of installation the system can be integrated into larger enterprise management software through the available interfaces.

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