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Software for creative digital solutions and serious games for healthcare, research and education


A German company is developing high-quality digital solutions and serious games, primarily for healthcare and scientific research as well as education (e-Learning). Following the vision of “turning play into health”, it strives to make the growing digital health sphere more entertaining and meaningful. It now looks for industrial and academic partners for research/technical cooperation or services agreements to jointly develop games and apps on different platforms (desktop and mobile devices).

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The company is looking for long-term and short-term technological and research cooperations with industrial and academic partners. They are able to take over the development of a desired product or provide its development and gamification expertise on a contractual basis. Participation in European consortia preparing a proposal for funding is also possible, at the moment preferably as an associated partner to consortium members. - Academic partners should be interested in utilizing gamification as a means of testing their research hypotheses (as a scientific tool) or as the actual subject of their research. - Industrial partners preferably come from a background like healthcare, social issues, education, but other expertise domains will be considered if they can benefit from the utilization of game and play principles.


The company is offering innovative software and serious game development, aimed at tackling important scientific and expert questions, or issues concerning the well-being of various population groups in society. Its specialty are products based on gaming principles, taking advantage of the human natural drive to play and making the most out of its numerous positive implications. The team is composed of experts from various fields, such as software engineering, game design, graphic design and psychology. The company is based in the south of Germany. Its strength is finding the optimal connection between the worlds of digital games and healthcare/ research/ learning industry, followed by the implementation of a creative and entertaining solution to the problem at hand. Its tight-knit international team of industry experts and tech enthusiasts puts a lot of thought and passion into every project, backing up their ideas and concepts with state-of-the-art research in the given field. The outcomes are apps and serious games that enable efficient scientific and expert problem solving, while providing a meaningful and entertaining experience for the user. Applied games for health and science as well as game-based learning represent the core of its development efforts. By utilizing highly attractive designs while at the same time considering the specifics of the particular field (e.g. healthcare, e-learning) and psychological principles of user action and customer engagement, better health or learning outcomes on the side of the user can be achieved, or deeper scientific insight gained. All projects are realized with state-of-the-art technologies and agile development methods. Project examples for funded projects, independently and in collaboration with an University as consortium partner, covering development of: - A highly entertaining computer game intertwined with a complex scientific model of bacterial pneumonia, utilizing the very popular computer game medium as a research tool that can lead to new scientific insight while at the same time promoting science in the general population (“citizen science”) - A high-quality computer "game with a message”, that aims to destigmatize mental disorders as well as point out important sociological challenges and ethical dilemmas of modern societies by utilizing the power of computer games Project examples for technological collaborations with other companies, resulting in: - An app for early detection of Alzheimer`s dementia - An e-Learning platform - An adventure game for the Apple-Smartwatch, including a step counter and pulse measurement - An interactive App for coaches in soccer training of children and youth, for improved efficiency of training sessions and with the option of performance diagnostics via controllable LED-objects The company is continuously on the lookout for interesting projects and collaboration opportunities, nationally and internationally, with industrial and academic partners or clients. The company will be happy to take over the full conception and realization of your projects, products or services, or discuss your existing ideas. The best platform for the needs of your specific product will be chosen. Desktop-, mobile- or web-based applications are possible. Participation in funded projects at the forefront of innovation as well as contract-based collaborations with and for other companies are sought.

Advantages and innovations

Its digital solutions contain game mechanics, interactive stories and other game elements aimed at improving the entertainment factor while working towards important and meaningful goals, whether health-related, learning- or science-focused. This leads to an improved user experience compared to similar products, and enables a stronger, longer-lasting bond with the user. These principles make their solutions extremely suited for complex goals like breaking unhealthy habit patterns, promoting healthy behavior or treating illness. They have experience in reliable and fruitful collaborations with other companies and research institutions, including work on industrial products as well as funded projects carrying high technological risk.

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