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Innovative fully automated, chemical-free water monitoring and control solutions for industrial processes – optimization of water softeners, reverse osmosis, hot water and steam boilers by analysis of e.g. hardness, oxygen, pH, conductivity etc.


A German company offers fully automated solutions for chemical-free online monitoring and control of industrial process waters, for the optimization of water softeners, reverse osmosis as well as hot water and steam boilers by measuring and analyzing technical parameters e.g. hardness, oxygen, pH and conductivity. Systems include continuous online control with immediate signaling of deviations/exceedance of critical values. The company seeks commercial agreements, but also distribution partners.

Partner sought

Type: - Engineering companies, OEMs of plants and equipment for industrial process water softening including analysis, monitoring and control - Distribution partners or specialist dealers for industrial water analysis, monitoring and control equipment Role: The company seeks partners for commercial agreements to implement joint tailored solutions according to the specific desired application. This includes engineering services for system adaptation and integration as well as technical advice and support. Simultaneously the company is looking for distribution partners or specialist dealers for industrial water analytical and control solutions who have a strong customer network and a high level of acceptance in this industry. The potential cooperation partner should have extensive knowledge in the field of water treatment/softening, especially of process waters and understand the products as well as the market conditions.


An innovative German technology company develops, manufactures and sells a range of specific analytical, monitoring and control systems for industrial process water based on their own know how. The products ensure that industrial plants for water treatment, e.g. water softeners, hot water and steam boilers and reverse osmosis operate economical, safe and durable. For this purpose, the company offers fully automated, safe and easy solutions for the chemical-free analyzing, monitoring, control and optimization of down-streamed plants in the industrial process. The systems include continuous online monitoring and control with immediate signaling of deviations or exceedance of pre-determined critical values. Regarding water softening, some processes require a certain degree of water hardness (not 100% softened water!). The German company’s automated monitoring system controls precisely water hardness values and consistency and indicates deviations from pre-defined values. Another attractive feature represents the quality-based control of water softeners through ion-selective electrodes. Other than conventional periodic or quantity-based control it guarantees complete depletion of the softener before its automatic regeneration and thus, results in up to 25% less salt and rinsing water, more soft water throughput, less operating costs and a prolonged life cycle of the water softener. With the innovative monitoring solutions not only cost savings of water, chemicals and energy are achieved, also minimized damages due to calcification, bio-corrosion and wear result in lower maintenance efforts for the respective industrial plants and systems. At the same time operation and process reliability of down-streamed processes and systems are preserved and more sustainable. The proposed water monitoring solutions are very efficient, environmentally friendly and safe. The German company is looking for partners for commercial agreements for joint tailored solutions according to the specific application. The company offers engineering services for system adaptation and integration as well as technical advice and support. Simultaneously the company is looking for distribution partners or specialist dealers for industrial water analytical and control solutions.

Advantages and innovations

• High operational and process safety of water softeners, reverse osmoses and steam boiler operation through fully automatic, safe and easy monitoring • Precise demand-oriented water hardness control - savings of up to 25% less water and salt • If using quality-controlled regeneration triggering of the softener, up to 50% less salt and rinsing water use, up to 150% more soft water throughput • Evidently, steam boilers can save up to 8% of operating costs, including up to 71% savings in vapour loss and up to 50% less chemicals used • Cost savings thanks to lower water consumption, lower use of chemicals and lower maintenance/ personnel costs, prolonged life cycle • Failure-free process through self-monitoring of the sensors • Installation and operation are simple and reliable because there is virtually no maintenance except for occasional sensor replacement • Environmentally friendly, no wastewater pollution due to chemical indicators or additives

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