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Digital twin technology for planning and monitoring cities and construction


A German company with expertise in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) and web application development offers a digital twin technology solution for the construction industry and smart cities. It renders it possible to digitally design, simulate, engineer and monitor sites or entire cities, thus saving time, cutting costs and reducing waste. Partners are sought for licensing, commercial agreements with technical assistance or research agreements.

Partner sought

The German company offers licenses to municipalities who would like to implement the solution in their activities, be it planning or monitoring. Partners could also be planning offices or service providers for municipalities who would like to extend their portfolio and offer comprehensive digital services. The German company would transfer the necessary know-how. The above organisations could also be partners in commercial agreements with technical assistance. The partner would integrate the tool in their planning and monitoring activities. The German company would adjust the solution to the respective application and requirements and offer advice and consultancy and related services. The German company is furthermore interested in research cooperation. They would be interested in joining research projects and consortia where they can bring in their know –how in VR/AR and web enterprise application development for construction, smart city and manufacturing industry. They are open to discuss further types of co-operation.


In terms of automated production and level of digitalization, the construction industry is still significantly behind other industries. Megatrends like big data or the Internet of Things (IoT) offer great opportunities for the future development of the construction sector. A young German company with vast experience in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) is specialized in optimizing and planning processes in the construction industry with the support of a digital twin. A digital twin is a virtual representative of a physical object or system across its lifecycle, using real-time data to enable understanding, learning and reasoning. They are used to understand, predict, and optimize performance in order to achieve improved business outcomes. The digital twin technology consists of three components: a data model, a set of analytics or algorithms, and knowledge. The solution processes historical context and performance data to understand the past, use direct and indirect data to view present conditions, and apply machine learning and knowledge to predict the future. The German company offers a digital twin technology that enables users to design construction sites or the entire city digitally and to simulate their characteristics virtually. Any site can be planned, simulated and engineered digitally. Furthermore the performance of real infrastructure of, e.g., buildings, bridges, tunnels etc. can be evaluated in real-time and thus be continuously optimized. The software solution offered is specifically designed for smart cities. It lifts blueprints from 2D drawings or scans the environment to create a virtual environment that can be explored before the infrastructure is even constructed. In such an environment, one person can wear a headset to experience a particular design virtually, while colleagues in the room or in remote can watch the scenes on a big screen or witness in real-time virtually what the person is looking at. A monitoring application can substitute live streaming, e.g. in traffic or pedestrian monitoring, where simulation as opposed to video filming does not cause issues with data protection. The German company seeks partners for licensing and commercial agreements with technical assistance. The partner, e.g. a municipality or service provider for municipalities would implement the solution with the support and advice of the German company. There is furthermore an interest to join consortia working on topics where the German company could contribute their respective expert know-how.

Advantages and innovations

The innovation lies in the algorithm and the holistic approach. Applying such methods to cities will reveal new insights and possibilities for improving urban systems and give government officials tools they have not had before to make decisions for the benefit of residents, businesses and the natural environment, offering among others the following advantages compared to conventional methods: • 3D visualisation can vastly shorten time to market, while reducing the cost of development. • By reducing waste this system contributes to the goals of the circular economy. The German company's solution is set to play an increasingly important role in the creation of smart cities around the world and in addressing major public health, safety and environmental issues. The digital twin will not only allow the city to react in real time to, e.g., freak weather events, but also to test an infinite number of potential future emergencies. The solution thus has the potential to be immensely valuable for planners and city authorities.

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