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German startup company offers its toolbox for the development of devices for the Internet of Things under a commercial agreement with technical assistance


A fast growing German startup company created a toolbox consisting of mini-sized, autonomous, low-powered developer platforms, connectors and ready-to-use sensor beacons. It enables rapid prototyping of new products for the Internet of Things and all branches of industry and reduces development costs and project risks significantly. The company offers its toolbox under a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

Potential partners may come from all branches of industry, especially from IoT-related businesses. The toolbox and the rapid prototyping service meet the interests of all companies that want to create new products or solve problems in the shortest time and at the lowest costs. Typical fields of activity concerned are tracking and tracing, freight and performance monitoring, predictive maintenance, indoor navigation, smart fuelling and asset tracking. The company offers a commerical agreement with technical assistance. The company will help the potential partners to use the toolbox and the modules and adapt them to their needs. For this purpose they provide free software and codes on their website. Potential partners may also use the company’s rapid prototyping service. Thus they guarantee to develop a working prototype within 10 days. In addition, the company supports the partner in transferring the prototype into production. Further services include future updates and modifications as well as support for certification processes.


This fast growing German startup company focuses on the development and production of tools which make it easier to create new smart devices for the Internet of Things (IoT) and to develop intelligent digital solutions for industry. The aim of its team of IT specialists and engineers is to make these developments simple, fast and cost efficient. Therefore they created an innovative toolbox for the rapid development of prototypes and products. This toolbox is a modular system that includes developer platforms for the creation of new products, connectors for the transfer of data and a range of ready-to-use programmable sensor beacons. Each module, which has the maximum size of a credit card, represents a small wireless computer with central processing unit (CPU), controller, memory and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology for data transfer. It runs at ultra-low power and is totally autonomous in terms of energy and connectivity. The developer platforms are mini-computer modules in the form of a developer board equipped with various microsensors, an electronic paper display, light-emitting diods (LEDs), switches, a Lithium Polymer battery and other microelectronic components. They are easily programmable and support various protocols for monitoring sensor data. They are designed for engineers, product designers and other creatives to save time and costs significantly when developing new products for IoT and industry. The connectivity modules come with an on-board antenna for excellent radio frequency performance. A user-friendly printed circuit board (PCB) scale package allows their fast and easy integration. The ready-to-use sensor beacons are equipped with various sensors and electronic components. With them it is possible to monitor temperature, light, humidity, air pressure, magnetic field strengths, motion, acceleration, angular velocity, distance, vibration or/and sound. The beacons can be configured and programmed via a Tag-connect interface. They come in a solid and high durable casing and can easily be attached to machines and devices. There is a wide range of use cases for the toolbox and its components, for instance: • track and trace • freight monitoring • performance monitoring • predictive maintenance • indoor navigation • smart fuelling • asset tracking The team is already working with leading German companies in these fields who acknowledge that using the toolbox or single modules helps them reduce development costs, time and project risks. Having explored the German market, the company is now interested in co-operating with foreigen partners, The company looks for industrial and IoT-partners in the above mentioned application fields who would be interested in using the toolbox or its modules to meet the challenges they are facing in the development of new products and problem solving. Co-operation will be based on a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company will support the potential partners with the implementation of the toolbox by providing free software and codes as well as future updating and modification. In addition the company offers a rapid prototyping service and helps the partners to transfer the prototypes into production.

Advantages and innovations

• The toolbox enables the creation of IoT devices and the development of intelligent solutions for other industries at low costs and low risks and in shorter time than with conventional developing tools. • Thanks to the low-powered, scalable, programmable and autonomous modules as well as the large portfolio of sensors, the toolbox provides a complete development environment with a large variety of applications on the surface of a credit card. • Supplemented by the provision of free software and codes on the company’s and other open source websites, the toolbox is flexible, easy to use by professional developers as well as creative enthusiasts and offers a wide range of applications. • Technical assistance and rapid prototyping service to create a working prototype within 10 working days are provided.

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