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Water-lifting device especially for the use in arid regions


A German inventor has developed a water-lifting device that is capable of retrieving water from great depths and that can be used without much technical effort especially in arid regions where there is no or less access to fresh water. Therefore it is particularly appropriate and usable in the area of development aid or developing countries. The inventor is looking for a financial agreement with partners that are interested in acquiring the technology/patent and producing the device.

Partner sought

Companies, organizations or governmental and non-governmental bodies, municipalities and local authorities that are interested in acquiring the invention (patent) and producing the water-lifting device. Ideally the potential partner produces water supply equipment for the use in developing countries or provides companies, organisations or GOs/NGOs with the necessary equipment to access water supplies. The inventor is interested in a financial agreement, He is looking for partners that are interested in acquiring and/or producing the technology.


Up to now, procuring water from great depths has required complex facilities, which consume a lot of energy, e.g. to build up the necessary pressure. Previous facilities - even those that lift water incrementally - rely on nearby industry not just for their energy supply but for installation and maintenance as well. Regions in which water is most desperately needed (e.g. Sahel or other regions bordering on deserts) are, however, most often situated far away from industrial complexes and far away from the necessary technology and energy sources. Therefore, the aim of this technology is to extract ground water from considerable depths using only human power or solar power, i.e. with much less energy expenditure than conventional methods. Of course, given such a restrictive power limitation, the amount of water that can be extracted in a given time will be limited as well. Nevertheless, it is a considerable improvement to have access to water at all in such arid areas - especially because this water-lifting device requires little resources both in production and maintenance. The water-lifting device consists of a series of closed chambers arranged vertically within an encasing pipe. Water is transferred upwards incrementally from one chamber to the next by creating a pressure difference between two adjacent chambers. That way, each step of the lifting process requires only a small pressure difference. Lifting water from a greater depths is achieved by increasing the number of chambers. Thus, more air is needed but not higher pressure. (See drawing with technical details attached). The lifting process can be driven by pressure, i.e. pushing the water from chamber to chamber, or by suction, i.e. sucking the water from one chamber to the next. When operated with pressure, several sources of pressurized air with check-valves can be attached to an Air System Accumulator (pressure buffer) which in turn is attached to the water-lifting device via a pressure regulator providing the required pressure. Therefore one could attach a solar-powered pump, or - in case water is needed but solar power is unavailable - bellows (such as the ones formerly used in historic church organs), hand or foot pumps, or any other source of pressurized air. On the other hand, a suction pump, e. g. an ordinary garden pump, can be used to operate the water-lifting device. In regions with sufficient wind, a Bernoulli pipe can be used to provide the necessary suction, or a wind turbine can be connected directly to a vacuum pump. For the installation, a hole needs to be drilled to ground water level and the encasing pipe must be installed. Operating the water-lifting device is not subject to any particular technical requirements. With the exception of the uppermost chamber, all chambers are identical in construction and thus ideally suited for serial production. Their inner structure and assembly is simple. The chambers can be stacked and held in place by a belt for insertion into the encasing pipe. Likewise, the belt can be used to extract the chambers from the pipe to replace defective chambers. In effect, no elaborate assembly process is needed on site. This system can be used anywhere and is suitable for any region that is dry or has insufficient water supply, especially in developing countries. The German inventor is looking for a partner that is interested in a financial agreement and wants to acquire the technology/patent.

Advantages and innovations

Since no further energy supply or industrial support is needed after the first installation of the water-lifting device, it is well suited for even the remotest dry regions, where it could supply water for humans and animals. It could also be used to irrigate gardens and crops, i.e. for food production, thus, putting it to use in terms of development aid, as well. Furthermore, it could be installed in uninhabited areas, where it could run self-sufficiently driven by solar power and bring forth new vegetation. This would have a regulating and positive effect on the hydrological balance, the temperature, the CO2 level, and ultimately on the world climate.

Development stage

Under development/lab tested

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted

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