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Hardware and software solution from Estonian company for super accurate GPS-navigation in real-time


An Estonian company has developed a precision navigation system, that can be used for: e.g. unmanned aerial vehicles (e.g. drones), autonomous delivery robots, cargo monitoring, ride-sharing applications, etc. Company operates in the area of software and hardware development and is open for commercial agreements with technical assistance and joint ventures with companies operating in the aforementioned fields for super accurate precision positioning (+/- 1 cm) of GPS-equipped autonomous systems.

Partner sought

Potential partners will be offered a commercial agreement with technical assistance from the Estonian company for accurate precision positioning (+/- 1cm) of their equipment. The Estonian company is also open for joint ventures with the partners and technical cooperation regarding further testing the potential fields of application. The potential partners should be involved in the following fields: (1) Autonomous vehicles (AV) Autonomous vehicles are expected to reach the streets of cities not earlier than 2024-2025, due to long development process and regulation's evolution. Nowadays car companies, startups and R&D labs are still experimenting with different technologies while building autonomous cars: in one case they might use only GNSS positioning for navigation, in other case they might use it in combination with other technologies or exclude GNSS technology at all. The other technologies might include: • Long-range radars • Short/Medium range radars • LIDAR • Cameras • Ultrasound • Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (2) Drones Increasing demand for faster delivery in the logistics industry is expected to fuel the growth of the drone logistics and drone transportation market. The commercial segment is expected to lead the drone logistics market in the near future. This segment's large market share is attributed to the large number of deliveries in the logistics industry, especially in the e-commerce sector. (3) Autonomous delivery robots (ADR) Autonomous delivery robots have just marked their presence in various end-use industries and expected to grow over the next few years owing to significant adoption rate in Europe and North America hitting USD 12 billion by 2024.


The core offer from the Estonian company is an online service providing GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) navigation equipment users with means to achieve superior positioning accuracy (+/- 1cm). It consists of: 1. a back-end server software, collecting and processing GNSS data from a global network of reference stations, as well as handling the customer requests for navigation information. 2. a web service to discover, request and configure the solution required for the specific case; as well as tools for administrators to monitor state of the system and perform maintenance. 3. a storage to accumulate terabytes of GNSS information, organized in a scalable, reliable, and easy-to access system It is a well-establlished service to process GNSS observations — receive, archive, convert to desired format and deliver to the customer via real-time streaming or downloadable archives. A number of publicly available formats and protocols are supported for input and output, with primary focus on receiver- and vendor-independent standards, allowing widest range of end user hardware and software to access our services. Potential partners will be offered a commercial agreement with technical assistance from the Estonian company for accurate precision positioning (+/- 1cm) of their equipment. As well all the needed backoffice services considering software and communication The Estonian company is also open for joint ventures with the partners and technical cooperation regarding further testing the potential fields of application: (1) Autonomous vehicles (AV), (2) Drones and (3) Autonomous delivery robots (ADR) The Company is also open for technical cooperation to develop their precision system even further. Areas of cooperation would developing ground correction station and receivers that provide precision navigation.

Advantages and innovations

Company provides a more flexible and user-friendly solution — people can get an access to GNSS data services right after signing up and topping up their balance in the system. And that takes 3 minutes max comparing to 7 days if working with “standard” GNSS data providers. It is a cloud-based solution for super accurate GPS-positioning and navigation (+/- 1 cm). The offered platform has never been used in the industry of high-precision GNSS positioning. It is for turning conservative competitors into partners by combining together the coverage of all existing CORS networks (Continuously Operating Reference Stations) and delivers value to them.

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