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Platform that offers a single environment for the visualization and exploitation of all the monitorable signals regardless of their nature or origin.


A Spanish company has developed a platform that offers a single environment for the visualisation and exploitation of all monitor-able signals regardless of their nature or origin. They seek to establish services agreements and technical cooperation agreements to expand their international presence. The platform also includes adequate tools for conducting customised analysis sessions at a user level.

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Although the company has international experience, is looking to extend its international presence. The company is interested in establishing long term services agreements and technical cooperation agreements. They are looking for reliable partners with experience, a broad knowledge of their markets and a good network of contacts in the industry.


The Spanish company offers a platform which its main functionality is to offer the client a single environment for the visualization and exploitation of all monitorable signals, regardless of their nature or origin. In addition, it includes adequate tools for conducting customized analysis sessions at the user level to help continuous improvement and decision making based on the study of data, both instantaneous and historical. The modular architecture, scalable and high performance, allows to offer multiple installation formats (inhouse, SaaS, integrated or multi-site), where each component can be distributed according to the needs of the client. This allows an elastic growth of the system, so that it attends to the continued growth of the business. The company offers clean user interfaces, careful and intuitive, but above all, the software is customizable, fast and efficient. The users never wait for data, nor worry about the performance of the system; they worry exclusively about their business. At the technical and architecture level, the platform has a flexible design that guarantees scalability, redundancy and high product availability. To do this, it is designed as a totally modular and distributed system that can be deployed in different services hosted on as many machines as necessary. The way of storing data is also an important and distinctive feature, since it allows storage in different commercial databases, both relational and non-relational being able to adapt to the clients’ needs. The platform aims to solve the problems of accessibility to data, not only through web environments that do not require any installation in the final client; but also making easier the access from mobile devices or from general-purpose applications, such as Microsoft Office. The company is looking to extend its international activity so is looking to establish services agreement and techinical cooperation agreements.

Advantages and innovations

Among the main functionalities of the system are: • Real time and historical information: the platform allows the integration of all customer data in a single environment, where they have access to real-time values as well as historical data. • Graphics: it offers different possibilities of graphing historical data, which facilitate not only the visualization of them but also the comparison, the analysis and the generation of new information from the available one: trend graph, comparison chart, dispersion chart, prediction chart, correlation chart and graph of grouped • Alarms and events management: the system has a special section for the treatment of alarms and events, where any of the signals that make up the system catalog can be set as alarm. • Synoptics: the synoptics allow a visual display of the data in real time in a more visual and dynamic way. These graphics have the advantage of being built with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) technology which allows unlimited scaling without experiencing loss of quality. It is a standardized format included in the export options of most graphic editors in the market. • BPM: the system has the possibility of defining new signals or processes from component flow diagrams. This way the client has a high flexibility when it comes to configure / design to measure the requirements of their casuistry. • Reports: this software allows the creation of specific reports with the stored data of the system, automating the management and sending to the end users. • Maps: the integration with maps allows to geolocate the information and facilitates the analysis of it taking into account territorial and geographic frameworks. The company is focus on a continuous improvement of the product, with cutting-edge features that allow a positioning and differentiation with respect to other solutions in the market. In addition, the product offered is cheaper than other solutions offered by competitors.

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