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Production of nanomaterials and coatings for scaffolds and pharma applications in H2020 R&D project proposals


A Spanish research institute offers its expertise in synthesis and upscaling capacities of nanomaterials such as hydroxyapatite and bioactive nanomaterials for tissue engineering, biocompatible nanomaterials for 3D printing of scaffolds and coatings to prevent biological contamination in medical devices and implants. They are looking for consortiums involved in proposals preparation for H2020 calls.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: RTD centres, SME and industries. - Specific area of activity of the partner: Medicine. - Task to be performed: Participation as a partner in R&D project proposals with the following tasks: Requirements. Development of materials, implants. Modelling and testing. Regulatory and standard assessment. Production of training, learning and education resources.


A Spanish non-profit private technological centre has a large trajectory in international cooperation. The centre has coordinated 19 of the total 43 participated European projects from FP4 to Horizon 2020 including LIFE and ECO-Innovation programs. The main R&D fields where the centre develops its activities are nanotechnology, new materials and advanced-environment technologies. BACKGROUND: Hydroxyapatite and bioactive nanomaterials for tissue engineering. The inorganic part of human bone is formed by hydroxyapatite nanoplatelets. Therefore, nano hydroxiapatite (n-HAp) or bioactive glasses capable of stimulating hydroxyapatite deposition are used for bone reconstitution, tissue engineering and for mineralization in dentistry. Flame spray pyrolysis has been previously used to synthesize n-HAp (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2), tricalcium phosphate (TCP, Ca3(PO4)2) and nano bioglasses (SiO2-CaO-P2O5-Na2O) such as 45S5, 45S5F (doped with fluor) and 77S. The substantially higher remineralization rate induced by nanometer-sized vs. micrometric bioactive glass particles corroborated the importance of particle size in clinical bioglass applications. Direct preparation of bioactive nanoparticles by flame spray pyrolysis (FSP) offers distinct advantages in terms of accessible and tailor-made compositions (for example core-shell structures), homogeneity, particle size and scalability. In addition, solid-state reactions result in low specific surface area and dense powders that once implanted can display a lack of microporosity with reduced contact to the body fluid hindering resorption in vivo. In addition to well-known regeneration of hard tissues, recent research is aiming at exploiting the well-known bioactive properties of bioglass in soft tissue regeneration including wound healing, neuronal, muscle, lung and cardiac tissue regeneration among others. One aspect here that the technological centre propose is to investigate bioglass composition that can bond with the soft tissue, in this way FSP can provide a versatile technology in order to control and design different bioglass compositions. Many glass compositions can be incorporated with certain oxides and elements for getting new properties. In addition, the technological centre has a deep knowledge in sol-gel and surface functionalisation of substrates. In this way, the centre has worked in easy to clean nanocoatings applied to surgical instruments of different materials showing good results. These coatings have applications in preventing implant-related infections as well as in medical devices reprocessing. The centre has also developed and tested antibacterial formulations based on different compounds such as nanoclays, silver or stable inorganic nano oxides. The technology centre is offering its expertise in order to form a consortium with research technology development performers (RTDs), SMEs or industries related to a range of activities with nano biomaterials, coatings and nanopharmaceuticals in the context of H2020 calls such as the topics NMBP-21-2020: Biological scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair and/or DT-NMBP-06-2020: Open innovation test beds for nano-pharmaceuticals production.

Advantages and innovations

High versatility in the design of nanomaterials not only doped bioglasses but also superparamagnetic iron oxides (SPIONs), luminescent nanoparticles for imaging, etc. About easy-to-clean coatings for preventing microbial infection, this technology is being tested in a current ongoing H2020 Open innovation test bed for safety testing of medical technologies for health. Laboratory solutions that are replicable and can be-upscaled: the capabilities of the centre to reach TRL7 (technology readiness level) regarding nanomaterials production and functional coatings and surfaces is guaranteed by its infrastructure. Their competitive advantage is their high flexibility in production capacity (from tens of grams/hour to kilograms/hour) of nanomaterials. In addition, wet-chemistry and coatings production is also developed from lab to pilot scale counting with pilot scale reactors (up to 1000 l), dispersion and wet milling lines; robot and spray booths; dip coating systems and an automated spraying coating line for pipelines.

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