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Replicable urban regeneration model to transform together energy in buildings and districts, urban mobility and covering the integration of the city infrastructures through ICTs


Spanish technology centre has developed a replicable urban regeneration model, addressing jointly the transformation of energy in buildings and districts, urban mobility and covering the integration of the city infrastructures related to these two fields through ICTs as a technological enabler. Technical cooperation agreement for the analysis of cities and management and research cooperation agreement with entities (companies or public administration) interested in further development.

Partner sought

- Type of partner sought: Municipalities, services companies, consulting, design companies - Specific area of activity of the partner: smart cities, urban planning, ICT - Tasks to be performed by the partner sought: Deploy and use the methodology on specific case studies - Technical cooperation agreement: Partners interested in implementing the methodology, such as municipalities or service companies. City with interest in its sustainable transformation would obtain a supporting tool during the decision making process. - Research cooperation agreement: The methodology could be analysed and applied in cities under specific research calls. Currently, the urban regeneration model has been tested in five cities but it could be further tested. ICT companies interested in implementing the tools developed in this methodology.


Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre offers innovative solutions to companies to improve their processes, systems and products, increasing their competitiveness and creating new business opportunities. Its disciplinary teams work in five areas of knowledge that correspond to different economic and technological sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructures, agrofood and health and quality of life. Energy area of Spanish technology centre has developed, together with some partners, a replicable urban regeneration model in the framework of an European funded project. This methodology defines a holistic process for urban transformation with a joint approach in the fields of sustainable buildings and districts, sustainable urban mobility, and integrated infrastructures and processes. This model provides solutions in both technical and non-technical fields addressing the temporal goals, the main smart city enablers within the transformation process –towards a more sustainable and smarter environment– and innovations in the priority actions of energy, mobility and ICTs. Furthermore, the objective is unique: accelerate the transformation of European cities (urban areas) into smarter places of advanced social progress and environmental regeneration, as well as places of attraction and engines of economic growth. Furthermore, it defines a procedure composed of several phases and a decision making process that aims to understand the city objectives and needs in order to implement a set of strategies for the sustainable regeneration of the city. The methodology starts from the understanding of the city needs and demands, secondly, the planning process focuses on providing solutions to these needs at a strategical level, where the city long-term vision needs to be transformed into strategies linked to financial and capacity models. In a third step, the supply side should provide the specific solutions to achieve the strategical goals defined in the previous phase, where their linked business models need ensure that they are bankable towards fostering their replicability. This iterative process through the periodical review and update of the strategy, is supported by a multi-level evaluation framework that allow characterising, evaluating the city smartness and sustainability and the direct and indirect impacts associated to implementing technology projects. Moreover, the urban regeneration model define three key frameworks of this process, in the sense of enablers: management issues (decision makers and citizen focused model), evaluation framework (integrating metrics and standards for implementing the evaluation mechanisms), technical framework (which is twofold: technical support to the phases in the sense of existing methods and tools supporting these phases and technologies’ innovation and integration in each of the key priority areas) and, finally, the financial framework, through the integration of existing and innovative business models overcoming the financial barriers. Partners sought are municipalities or services companies interested in implementing this methodology for supporting the transformation process of cities into more sustainable and smarter ones. A co-operation could be under a technical cooperation agreement for the analysis of the city and the management of the other phases of the model The technology centre is also interested in research cooperation agreement with entities (companies or public administration) interested in further development of this methodology to be tested and analysed further under specific research calls: - ICT companies. ICT companies could be involved for implementing tools using the developed methodology as starting point - Municipalities could validate the methodology at city level and collaborate in the redefinition to make it adaptable for other different dimensions

Advantages and innovations

- The urban regeneration model is a methodology for supporting the cities transformation into more sustainable and smarter environments. - This is not just a theoretical methodology because several tools have been developed to support the process and facilitate its use in any European city and the world. - The methodology proposed is holistic, covering many aspects such as energy, mobility and ICT, but also management, financial and social aspects are taken into account for improving the sustainability of the cities. - The urban regeneration model supports the decision making process in the cities and take advantage of previous experiences carried out in different European projects to ensure the expected success.

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