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H2020 - A French organisation offers its expertise and know-how in evaluation and clinical research in ageing, geriatrics and gerontology


The French non-profit organisation has a strong expertise in clinical research and evaluation of health innovations addressed to elderly people, in geriatric institutions as well as at home. The organisation would like to offer its expertise in evaluation of innovations for ageing, geriatrics and gerontology as well as to open its network in Paris region. Research and technical cooperation agreements are sought. Cooperations in Horizon 2020 projects may also be possible.

Partner sought

•Type of partner sought: industry, academy or research organisation •Specific area of activity of the Partner Partner with an health innovation related to ageing addressed to elderly people or professional and non-professional caregivers. The research or technical cooperation will be define to evaluate, test or experiment such an innovation. •Tasks to be performed. Partners could be any project leader with a health innovation related to ageing. In case of a Horizon 2020 cooperation. The partner will be the coordinator or the leader of the work package including this type of expertise.


This French non-profit organisation has been created in 2016 by French hospitals and French health agency to promote research, innovation, evaluation, training and ethics in Paris region. Dedicated to geriatrics and gerontology fields, this organisation brings together a community of stakeholders in research, care (in the city, in the hospital, in the medical-social institution), training and business. It helps to evaluate actions taken for ageing people in terms of prevention, care, technical assistance and training of health professionals. The French organisation has a strong expertise in clinical research and evaluation directly in the field: in geriatrics institutions and at home. This organisation scientifically measures the clinical, economic, ethical and practical aspects of innovations addressed to everyhting about and around elderly people: elderly people themselves, medical and care professionals as well as personnal and family caregivers. The research themes include the following: - Silver economy, digital and technological innovations for the maintenance of dependency and for caregivers - Early identification and care of the frailty of the elderly - Pathologies associated with ageing, in particular: (1) Alzheimer's disease (2) cardiovascular pathologies (3) Oncogeriatrics - Side effects of medications on frail elderly people - Care pathways and their evaluation - Biology of longevity - Psychiatry of the elderly - Management of depression in the elderly. Research and technical copperation agreements are sought in all research topics and innovation concerning the elderly and their close and professional environment. A cooperation may also be possible only as a partner and/or expert in ageing throught Horizon 2020 Work Programme "Health, demographic change and wellbeing" by putting its expertise and network to the service of a project leader. This French organization will not be coordinator of the project.

Advantages and innovations

The research work of this non-profit organisation integrates all stages of the innovation process: - Creation of partnerships (health and medical-social sector, industry, research and university, service providers ...) - Provision of multidisciplinary skills of tools and methods to each issue for the scientific evaluation of innovations - Close collaboration with the LLSA Forum (Living Labs in Health and Autonomy) to ensure in a coherent and complementary way, the medical and non-medical evaluation of the innovations (organizational aspects, uses, ergonomics ...) - Promoting links between researchers, carers and seniors to guide research topics on concrete and emerging issues related to ageing and co-design effective and ethical relevant solutions. In addition, this French organisation benefits from a multitude of expertises: - Medicine, Biology, Neurology - Clinical and fundamental research - Public Health and Epidemiology - Cognitive Ergonomics and Neurosciences - Evaluation of psycho-social interventions - Training and Education - Evaluation of gerontechnologies - Management and organization of institutions - Humanities and Social Sciences - Medico-economic evaluation - Medical ethics A multidisciplinary team is dedicated to each clinical study: -Projects Managers in innovation and clinical research -Geriatrician -Data Manager -Biostatistician -Clinical research associates and technicians -Neuropsychologist

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