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French digital platform for collaborative health and patient empowerment offered for H2020 collaboration


A French company focused on improving the daily lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases offers its expertise and its collaborative platform giving patients a new experience and repositioning them at the centre of the care system. It is interested to join H2020 projects under a research cooperation agreement.

Partner sought

•Type of partner sought Industry, academy or research organisation in the field of healthcare that is coordinating a H2020 project or that plans to participate or manage a project. •Specific area of activity of the partner A consortium or a partner with a patient centered project or a project that requires technologies to empower patients or enhance decision making relative to patient wellbeing and to complex conditions. •Tasks to be performed. Partners could be Horizon 2020 project coordinators or work package leaders looking for SMEs to join their projects and bring a digital platform / interactive tool that will be useful to all partners and that will leverage the chances of success of the concortium.


A French company focused on improving the daily lives of patients suffering from chronic diseases has developed a digital platform for a collaborative and equitable health, focusing on the patient experience and perception. It is specialized in the collection and analysis of patient data concerning patients' daily lives, their well-being, the interactions they have with all medical stakeholders (medical and paramedical staff, family, caregivers, …). These data may have different applications, for the patient himself as well as for hospitals or pharmaceutical industries. Indeed, the solution gives a new perspective on patient experience, by bringing qualitative and well-being data in addition to the more classical medical data. The company has developed a human and social sciences-based tool to assess the patients' perception on their everyday lives. Medical data are important as they reflect the patients' health; and the qualitative and well-being data reveal how the patients live with their disease, how it affects their everyday organisation, as well as their care pathways and even recovery. The company also works with patient associations to place the patient at the heart of care. Through this platfom, they share their different real-life experiences, for example, and, together, they help identify and solve breaking points. Through its actions for and with patients, the French company aims at developing patient empowerment. In line with its development, the company targets projects that require a patient-centric approach and that cover complex health conditions that are challenging for the patient but also for all health stakeholders. It is therefore interested in contributing to Horizon 2020 projects and has targated the following calls closing in April 2020 : - SC1-BHC-33-2020 Addressing low vaccine uptake - SC1- DTH-04-2020 International cooperation in smart living environments for ageing people - SC1- DTH-12-2020 Use of Real-World Data to advance research on the management of complex chronic conditions The last targeted call is in 2 phases. The first is closed but the French company is interested to join any consortium looking for additional partners for the Phase 2 proposal : - SC1- DTH-13-2020 Implementation research for scaling up and transfer of innovative solutions involving digital tools for people-centred care. The company is willing to bring its tools, its expertise and its solution to enhance European projects under a research cooperation agreement ideally under the scope of a H2020 project.

Advantages and innovations

The solution is a first of a kind collaborative platform in the health sector that : - gives tools to patients and caregivers to help them understand their health pathway - makes it possible to not only collect but also combine data which helps identify difficulties patients are facing, fracture areas and opportunities for improvement - gives the possibility to patients, caregivers, associations, health professionals, or any other stakeholders to find adequate solutions and propose projects to improve patient conditions - makes it possible to fund the implementation of projects that will improve the conditions of patients - the tools initially developed for the French healthcare system can easily be adapted to other national or international systems - the company has an inhouse multidisciplinary team mixing digital, business, and human and social sciences experts.

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