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An innovative, powerful and user-friendly software for decision-making on investment in multi-energy and multi-technology systems


Software editor and engineering consultancy, expert in techno-economy and optimization of energy systems, the French Startup has developed a software which combines modeling, dynamic simulation, and artificial intelligence. The French startup is looking for technical and/or research partners to help them assess the interest of their technology in multi-energy and/or multi-use systems (e.g.: industrial), and partners for collaborative R&D (e.g.: European projects).

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The company is looking for technical and/or research partners to help them assess the interest of their technology in multi-energy and/or multi-use systems (e.g.: industrial), and partners for collaborative R&D (e.g.: European projects).


Established in 2017, the French Startup is based in Grenoble, France. The company has the ambition to provide more autonomy to many energy actors in the design and evaluation of their innovative energy systems. Spin-off of a French leading National Research Centre on new energy technologies, the French Startup has inherited a strong multi-energy expertise (electricity, heat, natural gas, hydrogen, etc.) and multi-technologies (conventional production, renewable production, energy conversion and storage) and has developed an in-depth knowledge on associated business models. The company can take actions at all stages of a technical and economic feasibility study of a project to help make the right investment decision. And more specifically: - To make the right technology choice for the energy system - To optimize the sizing of these technological components - To elaborate and optimize energy management strategies suitable to the energy system - To carry out the technical, economic, and environmental feasibility study of the project. Systems involving new energy technologies (photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells, heat pumps, etc.) become more and more complex in the search of high efficiency because multi-energies (electricity, heat, hydrogen, gas) with possibly many connections between energy carriers. There technical, economic, and environmental assessment, yet essential to many energy actors (energy producers, local authorities, manufacturers), becomes a true challenge when using traditional tools. The idea with the software, developed specifically to handle complex energy systems, is to build a digital twin of the system by modeling each of its components, the interactions with energy networks and the system operating rules (energy management strategy). This digital twin is then used in dynamic simulations allowing to observe the system operation over several years. It is then possible to accurately estimate, on the one side, the expenses of the project in terms of investment, operation, maintenance, and replacement of components. On the other side, the simulation of the digital twin allows to precisely quantify services provided by the system (supply of electricity, heat, hydrogen, gas, etc.) and the related revenues and environmental impacts. The profitability and environmental performance of the project can then be assessed. The software has the capacity to perform a complete technical, economic, and environmental feasibility study of an energy system by providing key indicators to decision makers such as net present value, payback time, rate of return, avoided CO2 emissions, etc. It can help any energy actor finding the next suitable business models to address.To illustrate, here are examples of applications processed with the software: - Hydrogen production systems: For industrial and/or mobility applications (production, storage, logistics, distribution, grid injection, etc.). - Micro-grids: Insertion of renewable energies (wind, PV, hydraulic) in a micro-grid connected to the main electrical grid: electric vehicle charging, individual or collective self-consumption on industrial sites and/or eco-districts, network services, etc. - Off-grid systems: Conventional production (diesel generator), renewable energy sources (wind, PV, hydraulic), storage (batteries, hydrogen). - Multi-energy systems: Heating and cooling production (geothermal, recovery of waste heat, etc.), electricity, hydrogen, mobility, etc. The company is looking for technical and/or research partners to help them assess the interest of their technology in multi-energy and/or multi-use systems (e.g.: industrial), and partners for collaborative R&D (e.g.: European projects).

Advantages and innovations

The use of the software and its integrated tools based on artificial intelligence results in the following main benefits: - Identify relevant energy carriers and technologies for a given application - Optimize the sizing of the different components (production, transformation, storage) according to economic and environmental criteria while keeping high quality of services to the consumer and avoiding the systematic over-sizing leading to extra-investment costs. - Test and optimize the operating rules of the system (energy management strategy) to guaranty its smooth operation - Enable the feasibility study of a project for which using Excel would result in an inaccurate estimation of investment costs and profitability. This could lead to the investment on a non-profitable project with financial losses at the end. The software can evaluate systems of a few kW to hundreds of MW (investment from 10 k€ to 100 M€). Using the software can lead to a reduction on investment from 5% to 10%, that is up to millions of Euros of savings. The software helps energy actors evaluating the environmental benefits of different technological solutions for their energy systems. By helping them identifying the most profitable and environmentally friendly system the software indirectly contributes to a more sustainable society.

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