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Greek start-up company offers a novel object-detection platform for industrial spaces and large warehouses


A Greek start-up company, specialized in the field of computer vision and photogrammetry, has developed a core software module, which has been successfully integrated in industry for inventory counting, anomalies detection, dimensionality verification of manufactured parts, people tracking and plant counting. Partners active in industrial and manufacturing sector or ICT companies providing similar solutions are sought interested to conclude commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Partner sought

The ideal partners would be an industry with a production line, or a warehouse to be monitored, or an ICT SME with an existing software solution for monitoring production. The Greek company is willing to establish commercial agreement with technical assistance with partners of any size active in the field. The Greek company is willing to implement the offered technological solution in order to effectively control and monitor the production as well as other industrial processes.


A Greek innovative start-up ICT company has developed an integrated platform for industrial computer vision applications. The offered software is a core platform of algorithms that is adjusted to each user needs in order to make their cameras understand the physical world around them. The platform is highly customizable to make it fit to each client specific needs, train and fine-tune the algorithms on the specific needs and produce robust, market-ready products. This is an industry-grade software solution based on state-of-the-art computer vision (3D vision and deep learning), photogrammetry and remote sensing knowledge. Τhe algorithms run in real-time, on low-power devices near the production line facilitating inspection and quality control in a great variety of industries. The platform detects a wide variety of objects, based on the specific tuning on the images provided by the user. The platform can utilize a single camera, or a stereo camera for having direct world dimensions estimation. Moreover, the platform can exploit still images, or video streams, either offline or even online, depending on the needs of the user. The used architecture is scalable and modular, in order to adapt to each customer needs. Additionally, the software can use any image data from devices such as a video surveillance camera, machine vision camera, or a mobile phone camera. The only prescribed specification is to have the necessary image spatial resolution that is needed to distinguish an object on the image. A dedicated handheld imaging device has also been developed, based on embedded machine vision cameras and a powerful processor on low power consumption. This device allows stereo-imaging and real-time object detections and dimension measuring. It can be handheld or mounted on a robotic vehicle, or even on a car. The proposed software solutions are ready to integrate to existing operating systems and can be adjusted to any tailored-made user interface to match the user’s market audience. The solutions can be rapidly trained to any new detected object, minimizing the time-to-market. They can also be adapted to a wide variety of cameras and conditions while they are scalable to mass data inputs. They are also scalable from handheld devices to remote servers in real-time while they can be adjusted and augmented to realize new features and satisfy new needs while working aside other sensors’ data (such as inertial measurement unit, global navigation satellite system, depth sensors etc). The software solutions can also exploit the addition of a second camera for real-time 3D information recognizing static or moving objects and tracking through time. They are accurate and they can detect not only objects and people, but also incidents. The company seeks to find applications from industry which need to harvest the power of images for automating and accelerating their production pipeline. The company is also interested in cooperating with partners that are already in the market, mainly ICT companies in order push the object detection software to production and/or integrate it with larger systems. The collaboration sought is commercial agreement with technical assistance provided.

Advantages and innovations

The offered technology is a complete solution for the optimization of industrial and manufacturing processes having a series of innovative characteristics. The platform is flexible enough to train and fine-tune the algorithms based on special requirements aiming to produce unique, robust, and market-ready products. The platform and the object-detection algorithms address many different needs such as inventory counting, material anomalies detection, dimensionality verification of manufactured parts, people tracking, plant counting, and other relevant applications that require computer vision. The platform includes dedicated modules that explicitly solve the needs of different users. Other modules, based on object detection, can be developed in short time due to the adaptive and scalable architecture. The software architecture is based on specialized deep learning tools and libraries, thus it can be deployed on different processors and on different operational systems. Moreover, many benefits are available for existing users who have automated their processes and increased the level of automation not only in the production, but also in archiving their inventory, their supply chain, their client database etc. Overall, the offered solution is based on cutting-edge technologies and it is customizable at a very large scale. The proposed technology works with low power consumption, work on the cloud and in-situ and it is scalable up to a mobile phone.

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