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Marine power pedestal with monitor and air conditioning system for yachts


A small Italian company designed and patented a new marine power pedestal providing electricity and water to moored yachts and, with two upgrades, air conditioning/heating and any kind of multimedia contents through a pc panel monitor. The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance or licence agreements with advertising agencies or electric engineering companies willing to buy or licence the patent in order to produce or sell the pedestal.

Partner sought

Advertising agencies or electrical engeneering companies interested in purchasing the patent to self-produce or buy the pedestal or interested in becoming licencees.


A small Italian company designed and patented a new marine power pedestal providing electricity and water to moored yachts and, with two upgrades, air conditioning/heating and any kind of multimedia contents through a pc panel monitor. The system has been protected through two International patents (EPO and US) In 2016, about 15.8 millions boats for recreational purposes were in use in the US. Of the total recreational boats (yachts) in the United States, around 11.9 million were registered vessels (yachts with a considerable length and cost!) Most yachts (especially those registered) are moored in marinas, ports, harbours, resorts or hotels. Each marina, harbour or port must offer electricity and water supply services through power pedestals to moored yachts. Each marine power pedestal serves up to 4 yachts (but generally not more than 2). Yachting attracts an elitist clientele, linked to luxury goods and services of prestige but also a general public that orbits around hobbies such as sport fishing, nautical camping, diving or just crowd the port at the time of events, cruise ships passengers embarkation/disembarkation, etc. The cost of the pedestal developed by this company is similar to that of competitors, although it is technologically more advanced, built with valuable and totally recyclable materials and has a much more appealing design. All pedestals have a lifetime of about 15/20 years. The cost of the pedestal can therefore be amortized for a long period of time. The power pedestal developed by this company can be given on a free loan to marinas, resorts, hotels or boat show organizers by exchanging commercial management of advertising services (hundreds of potential advertisers: restaurants, taxis, laundries, ship chandlers, shipyards, discos, wellness centers, sportswear, jewelers, and many more...). The power pedestal most innovative feature, apart from its design and quality materials, is linked to the monitor equipment and the air conditioning system which are protected by a patent in the US and in Europe. This would allow a monopoly regime to be used to exploit its potential. Capabilities of this power pedestal can be summarized as follows: • Product protected by patents • Innovative and exclusive product thanks to the monitor equipment for the spread of informative and commercial contents and thanks to the air conditioning system • The main structure, solid and essential, is combined with removable and modular components • Innovative and appealing design • Environmentally friendly thanks to the use of recyclable materials • Offering an air-conditioning system for moored boats offers the port/marina an important source of income. • Thanks to the air conditioning system, yachtsmen can use their boat in winter time as well, increasing the permanence on board with consequent increasing of the services offered in the marina (bars, restaurants, etc.) • The advertising revenue, through the monitor, represents a great opportunity to earn money for those who manage it. • Targeted categories (shipowners, yachtsmen, shipbuilders, recreational services, luxury...) • Production costs will be repaid by advertising services in a short time • Ability to manage (insert, sync, and modify) advertisings remotely through the cloud. • Infinite space on the screen via interactive menu and sub-menu. In addition to the typical clientele of ports/marinas, if used in an urban context (electric cars and/or golf cars), the potential and possibilities could increase. Some prototypes have been used for testing during public events and have had excellent feedback.

Advantages and innovations

The system has a touch screen monitor allowing the storage of a great variety of information through a dedicate software. Advantages for yachtsman: Useful information directly at mooring Advantages for marinas: possibility to offer and sell generic and targeted advertising directly at mooring Air conditioning (A/C) system upgrade: In addition to the usual features of a pedestal, which usually provides electricity and water, this system offers air conditioning and heating. The yachts which do not have an onboard installed A/C system will be able to receive air conditioning and heating through a compact and quiet fan coil. Each pedestal is designed to contain the air-conditioning system and can be customized upon request. Advantages for yachtsman: - on-board space saving - no money for installation and maintenance - no intervention on the hull - quiet operation Advantages for marinas: - exclusive service for its customers - Rent of Air/Conditioning sistem - low maintenance cost - chance to buy separately the air conditioning sistem limiting initial investment Modular electric box: The modular system of the electric box will allow the user to quickly change the number and type of socket without having to change the entire pedestal. Just recline the structure or lift the top, replace the electric box, reposition it. By inserting a dummy box you can winterize electrical components when the service pedestal is out of use. Finally, an electrical box that requires maintenance can be replaced and sent to service. So, no more out of order power pedestals.

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