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Maintenance management software, integrated with warehouse management to minimize logistics costs through predictive analysis


An Italian company working in aeronautic field has developed software and APPs in order to manage maintenance, operation, logistics, technicians/pilots training for last generation aircraft. The SME makes data analysis to optimize the handling of the fleet and the warehouse. The considered type of agreement is commercial agreement with technical assistance with companies/partners of public and private transports interested to adopt the proposed solution.

Partner sought

The Italian SME is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance with companies/partners of public and private transports interested to perform cheaper maintenance by optimizing inventory management through predictive analysis, with the possibility to plan the work flow in the medium and long term with support of dynamic dashboards. This software is suitable also for aeronautical technicians training schools. Technical service will be provided for first stage implementation. Afterwards, maintenance and technical support will be given for a right use and exploitation of the technology.


This Italian company, located in Latium Region and working in aeronautic field since 2011, has developed an applicative software for the technical, logistic and operative management of the aircrafts, based on modern web technologies and relational databases. The functions offered by the system allow to program and manage the flight activity, the fleet management, the predictive analysis of the maintenance, the planning, the control and management of the stocks and the management of the personnel training. The Operation Menu allows to update the information in real time. Through this Menu, the Head is able to plan and authorize the daily flight activity, to control its development, to coordinate easily the personnel and the tools needed, to set the operative and training activities, in accordance to the maintenance area, to consult and analyze the statistic data of the fleet and of the crew. The operators of the Flight Operations are in possess of functional tools able to manage and change the status of the planned flights. The system can inform the personnel, also through email, of the activities programmed or assigned. The module allows the operator to insert and manage the reports of the Flight Security, to submit them to authorization process and to forward them to the maintenance area for the needed technical investigations. Every single member of the crew can take view of the flight activities planned and done. Each member can forward requests for the flight plan and establish a calendar of his own professional commitments and/or absences from work. The Maintenance Menu is the area dealing with activities concerning the planning, the supervision and the maintenance of the airworthiness conditions, within which the structures and the aircraft components, the life limits, the inspections and the maintenance tasks (programmed and corrected) appointed by the applicable technical publications, are created and managed. Through this menu it is possible to follow, in real time, the technical proceeding of the fleet and to manage and update the documents and the technical handbooks, to program expiries and maintenances and also to certificate all the technical stages through orders, schedules and work relations. The same management process is reserved for facilities and equipments of which deadlines and use, calibrations, maintenance, configuration changes and technical publications applicable can be registered. The Module of Stock Management provides personal information, the stock and the accounting handling of the material on board of aircrafts or kept in warehouse. The information saved in the module can be used by the user to optimize the research time and the delivery of the material, to control the amount of stock and to manage possible reintegration in accordance to the maintenance previsions of the fleet. The module also facilitates the relationship with the suppliers, accelerates the movement of items, deletes reception errors, optimizes the stocks and the management of warehouses with the aim to reduce the costs and increase the general efficiency of the processes within the company. Traceability and optimization of the transports are the devices needed to certify the flows and to face the complexity of the logistics management. The Flight Security module allows the operator to follow the Flight Security events added in the Operation module (by the crew) and in the Maintenance module (by the technicians) and to complete the information adding the casual factors and the correspondences to other historicized events. The company is looking for partners from public and private transports interested to adopt the proposed solution. The considered type of agreement is commercial agreement with technical assistance. The company will provide comprehensive support and training during software integration as well as regular updates.

Advantages and innovations

• The software is structured to import the Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP), suitable to support any kind of aircraft and addable to management software in support of new generation aircrafts, either for civil or military use. • The logistic module is able to increase the efficiency of the company through its functions, with a complete delete of the wastes and a decrease of the costs according to the directives of the “Lean Organization”. It is also able to optimize its processes, assuring the increase of the amount of information, the increase of the individual production, the improvement of inside communication, of the services and of the working conditions in general. This gives a total benefit to the quality guaranteed and assures an incredible decrease of the working time and operative costs. • Predictive analysis of the maintenance and technical-operative scaling of the fleets. • Management of the digital flight book, updating the operative data of the aircrafts, of the components and of the equipments through the integration of the electronic systems on board. • The software is associated to functions to carry out statistic analysis, addable on demand to a Business Intelligence system. The operator can collect, analyze and print the data and the strategic information, referred to the technical-operative maintenance of the aircrafts and to the technical-maintenance predictions. • The software can be personalized by the user to optimize the functions for his own work. • The SME is composed by highly certificated staff both in aeronautics and ICT (Information and Communication Technology).

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